[News] Many More Devices Run Linux or Support Linux

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Networking appliance taps Freescale's QorIQ processor

,----[ Quote ]
| The CAK-2000 supports Linux, and is 
| available with an optional copy of 
| Freescale's Vortiqa, a Linux-based software 
| development platform for optimizing 
| firewall, IPSec-VPN, IPS, anti-virus, and 
| anti-spam software for multi-core QorIQ and 
| PowerQUICC SoCs. The network appliance is 
| said to comply with FCC/CE, UL, and 


Conceptronic Grab'n'go CH3MNAS early review: Compact home for your data

,----[ Quote ]
| If you're a really hardcore techie, you'll 
| be able to use the 'Fun Plug' system to 
| install apps on your NAS to add 
| functionality. Be warned though, this isn't 
| a beginner feature and requires at least 
| some technical understanding of Linux. 


Configurable RISC controller offers Linux-ready MMU

,----[ Quote ]
| Standard controllers for dataplane 
| applications, including one Linux-optimized 
| model. Based on Tensilica's configurable, 
| 32-bit RISC "Xtensa" architecture, the five 
| upward-compatible processor cores include a 
| Diamond Standard 233L processor with a 
| Linux-optimized MMU, and are claimed to be 
| 15 percent faster and more power efficient 
| than earlier models.


ATCA blade cranks it up with six-core Xeon

,----[ Quote ]
| GE Intelligent Platforms announced a Linux-
| ready AdvancedTCA single board computer 
| with an option for Intel's new Xeon 5600 
| processors. The dual-Xeon A10200 offers up 
| to six cores clocked to 2GHz, plus 12MB of 
| L3 cache per CPU, and offers dual 10 
| gigabit Ethernet interfaces and four 
| gigabit Ethernet interfaces, says the 
| company.



Exploring Embedded Linux with Xport Pro

,----[ Quote ]
| This past year I've had the good fortune to
| review an eeePC powered Netbook, the Fit-PC,
| and the Plug Computer. All were new, capable,
| and progressively smaller Linux machines.
| Readers may also recall my increasing interest
| in the Arduino micro-controllers. Although the
| Arduino doesn't run Linux, its development
| environment is easy to use and particularly
| well suited for Linux notebooks.


Atom-based energy monitoring device taps Moblin

,----[ Quote ]
| At CES, OpenPeak unveiled a prototype of its
| Intel Atom- and Moblin Linux-based Home Energy
| Manager (HEM) energy monitoring device, and
| announced partnerships with Direct Energy and
| GE. OpenPeak also announced that the OpenFrame
| IP phone upon which the HEM is based was
| certified with the ZigBee Alliance's Smart
| Energy Certification.


The Embedded Market Beds Down with Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Note that this very positive assessement
| comes not from some open source fanboy (like
| me), but from a semiconductor company that
| has just plunked down $50 million on its
| bet. Against that background, there seems
| little doubt that Linux will soon become the
| de facto standard in the world of embedded
| systems.

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-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 Acer CEO whips out iPad rival ,----[ Quote ] | Acer has shown off an Android-based iPad | alternative. `---- http://www.reghardware.co.uk/2010/05/27/acer_shows_ipad_tablet/ Acer Gets Official with ‘Stream’ ,----[ Quote ] | Acer has created a new 3D user interface that | features animations and a 'peeling' gesture to | unlock the phone. The lock screen lets users | read information without having to open | applications and a History panel provides quick | access to often-used apps. `---- http://www.androidg...

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Meet the chumby ,----[ Quote ] | I've been pacing the chumby maternity ward for nearly a year, waiting for | this unique wireless device to see the light of day. I recently took delivery | of my own little bundle of chumby joy and, at first look, I think it will | make a great addition to my growing gadget family. `---- http://www.linux.com/feature/119766 LinuxCertified Announces Embedded and Real-Time Linux Development Training ,----[ Quote ] | Over the past few years, more and more organizations have been opting for | Linux as their embedded platform. `---- http://www.linux...

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Device Profile: SysMaster M10 set-top box ,----[ Quote ] | SysMaster used embedded Linux to build a set-top box with a dizzying array | of audio, video, networking, communications, and data capabilities. The | Tornado M10 Digital Media Center runs Linux 2.6.19, and targets phone and | IP network operators wishing to offer a wide range of services. | | [....] | | Yosifov predicts a bright future for Linux in the embedded device market. | "We believe Linux will be the major OS used in embedded system development | because of its small footprint, reliability, power, and available sof...

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-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 Reimagining The Desktop ,----[ Quote ] | KDE 4.1 goes a long way to solving that dilemma. `---- http://www.northdavisroad.net/2008/08/reimagining-the-desktop/ Linux should remain Linux ,----[ Quote ] | I disagree that Linux should concentrate on running native Windows apps. This | is exactly the opposite of what the community should be doing. If you notice | more and more companies are working to make Linux their base rather than | Windows. This frees them of paying tax to MS and stops MS from beating their | products with tighter Windows...

[News] Another Company (6WIND) Raves About Linux, Linux, Linux...
-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 6WIND Launches New Software Solution for Application Development upon Multi-Core Processor Architectures that Simplifies, Reduces Costs and Speeds Time to Market ,----[ Quote ] | 6WIND, the market’s only provider of a networking software solution to | simplify application development within multi-core processor based equipment, | today announced a new solution targeted at mid-range applications (2 to 4 | cores) to provide the highest L2/L3 performance for a pure Linux system. | Based on Fast Path architecture, the 6WINDGate™ EDS software enab...

[News] [Linux] More Focus on Linux Hardware Support
64-Bit Linux Spotlighted at Gelato ICE: Itanium Conference & Expo ,----[ Quote ] | Attendee favorites included keynotes on Linux kernel development for | Itanium architecture by the Linux 2.6 kernel maintainer, Andrew | Morton, and the Itanium processor vision and roadmap by Intel's | James Fister. `---- http://home.businesswire.com/portal/site/google/index.jsp?ndmViewId=news_view&newsId=20070523006049&newsLang=en More Fun With Printing ,----[ Quote ] | Overall, if you choose your printers carefully, printing on | Linux is powerhouse, and getting better all the time. `---- ...

[News] [Linux] Better Intel Support for Linux
Linux: 965GM Express Chipset Drivers ,----[ Quote ] | Keith Packard announced the availability of drivers for Intel's 965GM | Express Chipset. Jeff Garzik responded, "great news. Here's hoping | that Intel produces a standalone video card eventually, to further | take away market share from closed source competitors." `---- http://kerneltrap.org/node/8185 TimeSys Introduces LinuxLink Subscriptions for Intel IXP435 Processors ,----[ Quote ] | This processor is a new addition to Intel's popular line of | network processors and TimeSys is the only vendor to provide | pro...

[News] [Linux] Linux Enthusiasts Show Their Support
Interview With Fred Miller - GNU/Linux Evangelist ,----[ Quote ] | [Q:] Once a migration is approved and announced, where do you see the | biggest resistance to a new system? | | [A:] To be honest, most resistance has been from those who are the least | productive employees. Those who understand that their employer owns | the hardware, not them, and that they are there to do a job and not | "play" are happier with Linux than Windows because it's most often | faster, it's stable, it's much more secure, and applications | are more usable. `---- http://lxer.com/mod...

[News] Bsuinesses Move to Linux, Support Linux
Windows, You Are On Notice ,----[ Quote ] | Hey, Windows: Pack your bags. I think I've found an operating system that can | run the machines that run my smaller business without all the hassles you put | me through. Say hello to Linux `---- http://www.bmighty.com/hardware_software/showArticle.jhtml?articleID=202102935 DigitalPersona Dips Fingers (with Prints) into Linux Waters ,----[ Quote ] | Microsoft-centric vendor gets the idea from current and potential customers | that this Linux thing is not such a bad idea. Said vendor checks out the | biggest Linux distros out there and ...

[News] [Linux] Linux is Coming to 3 More Devices
Intel shows more advanced ultraportable ,----[ Quote ] | Instead of Windows, the MIMD uses Midinux, a Linux operating | system for mobile devices from China's Red Flag Linux. `---- http://www.infoworld.com/article/07/06/07/Intel-shows-advanced-ultraportable_1.html Apple-TV to run Linux soon? ,----[ Quote ] | Despite early success, the project's labors are "not ready for prime | time yet," according to the Wiki page. EFI is not fully working yet, | and the instructions appear to be incomplete and apparently still | evolving. The Wiki page concludes, "I just wanna ...

[News] Making Linux More Like OS X and OS X More Like Linux
-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 Mac OS X - Highly Customized Linux ,----[ Quote ] | Few players in the Linux arena creates their Linux distro to look like Mac OS | X or Windows.... | | Here I'm going to list some distro which looks like Mac OS. `---- http://linuxtreat.blogspot.com/2008/07/mac-os-x-highly-customized-linux.html A Linux User's Guide to Mac ,----[ Quote ] | Take a deep breath and repeat after me: A computer is just a tool. It is only | so good as it serves to make life better for users. A "better" life is | obviously not the same thing for everyone. For me, it means making my Mac | more like Linux, as I began to discuss in my last article. `---- http://www.ofb.biz/safari/article/474.html Yesterday: Ubuntu: Challenge the Mac ,----[ Quote ] | Normally I would just provide a Diigo link to this if it weren’t something | I’ve been saying a lot in talks. Over at InformationWeek, Serdar Yegulaip was | a piece called “Shuttleworth’s Ubuntu Ambitions: Challenge the Mac”. He | quotes Mark Shuttleworth saying in a Datamation article: | |     … our goal, very simply, is to make sure the Free software ecosystem can |     deliver a Mac OS-like experience, or an experience that will compete with |     the Mac OS. | | I think this is exactly right. It’s time to look past Windows, even with its | huge installed base, as any sort of “gold standard” (as Mark calls it), | especially for user interface. ...

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