[News] Microsoft's 'Future' is Linux's Yesterday

Parallel Computing`s Already Here

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft's Craig Mundie is right. Parallel computing is going to change 
| everything about computing, but his timing is off. Thanks to Linux, it's been 
| here for years.  
| The future is today. 
| [...]
| It's not just video though. Supercomputers are made up of MPP arrays of 
| hundred or even thousands of ordinary Intel or AMD chips running Linux. The 
| current top supercomputer, the IBM Blue Gene/L system at the Lawrence 
| Livermore Lab, can hit 478.2 teraflops (trillion calculations per second) 
| with its tens of thousands of PowerPC processors running Linux. Indeed, 85.2 
| percent of the fastest 500 supercomputers in the world run Linux.     
| Besides doing things that you won't notice in your day-to-day life, like 
| busting down the human genome into smaller and more comprehensive pieces and 
| getting weather prediction closer to a science than an educated guess, almost 
| every time you watch a movie with digital special effects you're seeing 
| Linux, multicore processors and parallel processing at work.    
| Autodesk's Linux-based digital visual effect program Flame, for example, has 
| been used in movies from the children's movie "Charlotte's Web" to the 
| re-launch of James Bond in "Casino Royale" to swashbuckling in "Pirates of 
| the Caribbean: At World's End" and, of course, science fiction thrillers 
| like "Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer." At the lower end, programs 
| like Autodesk Maya are also available for Windows and Mac OS X.     


Quote for the day:

"The danger is that Microsoft is using strategic monopolistic pricing in the
education market, with the government’s assistance, to turn our state
university systems into private workforce training programs for Microsoft."

                                                --Nathan Newman


Windows Trying to Catch up!

,----[ Quote ]
| Win folks starts cloning with this pathetic attempt to recreate XGL with
| this Yod'm 3D! The 3D Window Manager on Windows from CrystalXp
| [...]
| Too slow, the desktop bar keeps on jumping out of place and on top
| of all that it doesn't come with decent uninstall feature!!
| Advice Don't do it, want a professional cool looking and FREE O/S
| get yourself Linux otherwise stick with your Windows Explorer!!


Desktop dreaming

,----[ Quote ]
| There are Linux users that have little use for productivity suites, and 
| depend instead on a simple text editor, which has all the functions any one 
| man or woman could need, and makes files that everyone can read.  
| [...]
| Critics like to pretend that free software lacks innovation. This assumption 
| is given credibility on the desktop because we can't imagine a different 
| universe until we have stopped playing catch up with Windows, and have caught 
| a significant share of the Windows market on the desktop.   


This eWeek [on Servers]

,----[ Quote ]
| I asked Jason about Windows Server's newfound security: "The first time
| I heard about this new feature," he said, "I thought it was clearly a
| response to Linux.
| Windows Server 2008 isn't quite there yet, according to Jason's tests.


Analyzing Microsoft’s OS by Linux Standards

,----[ Quote ]
| Nevertheless, after the install and basic setup, it seemed to work okay.
| Due to the size of the install DVD, I was expecting a full-featured OS
| complete with good burning software, an office suite, etc.
| What I got was entirely sub-par.
| No decent cd-burning software was provided,
| and I found that to get one, (Nero) I would have to pay extra.
| Wow. With Ubuntu, I could get K3b for free, with the benefit
| of it being open-source too. If that wasn’t bad enough, I noticed that all 
| images, fonts, and the desktop itself seemed skewed. 
| Hmm. Must be missing the display drivers. But before I contacted Gateway to 
| protest that the included OS didn’t come with display drivers, I decided to 
| browse it a bit more(after all, display isn’t a huge deal for the moment). 
| Now, I’ve seen XP in use before, so I had a general idea of how it was 
| supposed to work. After awhile, it dawned on me that my machine wasn’t 
| cutting it: I needed those drivers! The sound, wifi, display, and some 
| aspects of the MoBo and touchpad were either not operating to their full 
| capacity or not working at all. Now Ubuntu (my main OS) did sometimes need 
| drivers, especially for tv-cards and the like, but I had never had so many 
| necessary driver additons. Geez. And this is the OS that came with the 
| machine!           


Update: Trying To Dodge The Microsoft Tax

,----[ Quote ]
| I've been wanting to replace my clunky desktop tower for a while with a nice 
| new laptop, running Linux of course. So I'm looking for a new laptop and I 
| don't want to buy one with Windows pre-installed because I will only be 
| deleting it instantly.    

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