[News] More Ballnux Phones From 3 Companies That Pay Microsoft for Linux

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HTC EVO 4G front-facing camera test: good, but it records a mirror image

,----[ Quote ]
| Food for thought when you’re using that HTC 
| EVO 4G front-facing camera: it records 
| everything backwards. I first noticed 
| someone mention that the camera recorded 
| “backwards” but I thought they were just 
| experiencing an error because of the Qik 
| app. Then today I discovered that the 
| “problem” is indeed the 1.3 megapixel camera 
| at the front of the phone. Take a look at 
| this test video I shot using the EVO.


Rumor: Kyocera Zio M6000 Headed for Boost Mobile


Samsung i897 Sounding More and More Like a Galaxy S


Samsung Galaxy S Hits Germany, Asia Targeted for June

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