[News] More Ballnux Phones Produced and Also Designed by Samsung

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Samsung broadens Android, Bada phone families

,----[ Quote ]
| Samsung announced two low-end Android 
| handsets -- the 3.2-inch Galaxy 3 (I5800) and 
| the 2.8-inch Galaxy 5 (I5500) -- as well as 
| two Bada OS phones called the Wave 2 and Wave 
| 2 Pro. Meanwhile, Samsung is prepping a 
| keyboard version of its Galaxy S Android 
| phone called the Galaxy S Pro, says 
| AndroidCommunity.


Samsung Adds to Galaxy, Omnia and Wave Smartphone Lineups


Microsoft taxed, but still... no proprietary software.

Motorola sells Android without Microsoft tax. Better to reward "good" companies...


Samsung's 7-inch 'Galaxy Tape' to run Android 2.2 on 1.2GHz A8 processor?

,----[ Quote ]
| More details about Samsung's new tablet have
| emerged courtesy of Tinh te and from what it
| claims is a highly reliable source. This time
| around, the Vietnamese site is claiming that
| Samsung's 7-inch Tab will be running Anroid 2.2
| (Froyo) on an A8 processor clocked to a peppy
| 1.2GHz. It's all powered by a 4,000mAH battery
| that contributes to the tablet's 370-gram weight
| with 16GB of on-board storage and up to 32GB of
| microSD expansion.

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