[News] Multicore Linux Phones Are Coming, Other Linux Phones Make Strides

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ARM: multicore mobiles coming next year

,----[ Quote ]
| Speaking at a showcase of ARM-powered 
| devices in central London - encompassing 
| everything from the new Nokia N900 Linux 
| smartphone to a remarkably thin prototype 
| netbook - the company's mobile segment 
| manager, Laurence Bryant, told PC Pro that 
| smartphone performance is set to take a 
| considerable leap forward.


Palm Hires AMD/ATI Linux Core Engineer

,----[ Quote ]
| Another day, another high-profile outside 
| hire for Palm Inc. Phoronix reports today 
| that Australian native Matthew Tippett, 
| engineering manager for Linux Core 
| Engineering at AMD/ATI, will be joining 
| Palm as their new head of Linux kernel 
| development.


Nokia N900 Review

,----[ Quote ]
| Finally, the N900 runs Maemo, a Linux-based 
| operating system that is backed by major 
| players like Intel. Where does the Nokia 
| N900 fit in the current smartphone 
| landscape?



Sun's Niagara gets Linux (again)

,----[ Quote ]
| Server maker Sun Microsystems has a new Linux partner for its "Niagara" 
| family of multicore processors and their related servers: Wind River Systems. 

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To the denizens of comp.os.linux.advocacy! So many people demonstrate in this newsgroup that they know only a Linux of Hatred and Greed, of paranoia, and of a selfish sense of entitlement. They seem always to be behaving like monkeys in reaction to human dissenters, throwing feces at one another and beating their chests pretending to know something. My Linux is not that Linux. My Linux is the Linux of Love, of sharing, friendship, community. It is a uniquely human Linux and not one for monkeys. When I speak with fellow Linux users in real life (i.e. not in the monkeyhouse of COLA) they remind me of myself: practical, freedom-loving, anti-corporate. Here in COLA however they remind me of monkeys or spoiled brats or worse, corporate sysadmins. My Linux is not your Linux. It is the human Linux that acknowledges that Linux involves human work to create, that although it is free you are not entitled to it, that although it is created in large part by volunteers, they deserve to be paid for their gifts with at least gratitude. And that monkeys and self-entitled brats and sysadmins never thank anyone. yarmfelder@yahoo.com writes: > To the denizens of comp.os.linux.advocacy! You crossposted to gnu.misc.discuss. > My Linux is not your Linux. It is the human Linux > that acknowledges that Linux involves human work > to create, that although it is free you are not > entitled to it, that although it is created in large part > by volunteers, they deserve to be pa...

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-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 Zotac MAG HD-ND01 Nettop review ,----[ Quote ] | Price: £229 | Tech Specs | OS Tested: Ubuntu 9.10, Moblin 2.1, Fedora | 12 | | [...] | | We found the Zotac MAG HD-ND01 a real | pleasure to use for everyday tasks. It | dealt with fully fledged 32-bit distros | like Fedora 12 and Ubuntu 9.10 wonderfully, | thanks to its dual-core Atom processor. And | its Ion-powered graphics will really hit | the spot with videophiles looking for a | slimline media unit. `---- http://www.linuxuser.co.uk/reviews/zotac-mag-hd-nd01-nettop-review/ Linux phone ships with RF-enabled keyfob panic button ,----[ Quote ] | Italian start-up Synaps Technology announced a | Linux-based feature-phone that ships with an | RF-connected keyfob panic button for GPS- | enabled security response. The Petra phone is | equipped with an ARM9 processor clocked at | 266Mhz, and offers a 2GB SD card, GSM tri-band | cellular service, a 2-megapixel camera, and a | highly sensitive uBlox Neo 5G GPS receiver. `---- http://www.linuxfordevices.com/c/a/News/Synaps-Technology-Petra/ Recent: Nettop taps Ion 2 GPU ,----[ Quote ] | Shuttle announced a Barebone XS35 nettop | equipped with a dual-core Intel Atom D510, and | Nvidia Ion 2 graphics. Meanwhile NewEgg is | selling a Linux-equipped Eee Box B202 nettop | for only $189, and the Eee PC-oriented Eeebuntu | distro is moving from Ubuntu to Debian with EB | 4.0. `---- http://www.desktoplinux.com/news...

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