[News] New "Going Linux" Show, Review of NVIDIA-Linux Progress This Year

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Dec 20: #088 - Fresh Ubuntu #1 

,----[ Quote ]
| Larry appears on the Fresh Ubuntu podcast. 
| Harlem Quijano and Peter Nikolaidis welcome 
| Larry as their guest host for this episode. 


Kernel Space

NVIDIA Linux 2009 Year In Review

,----[ Quote ]
| Simple NVIDIA driver fixes this year were 
| scattered all over the board from addressing 
| issues with Plasma in KDE 4.x to fixing up some 
| GPU memory problems that was present in the 
| 180.xx series to cleaning up many other areas of 
| this binary-only driver. 



NVIDIA Pushes Out 195.22 Beta Linux Driver

,----[ Quote ]
| Further enriching VDPAU continues to be a
| core focus of NVIDIA's developers and with
| the 195.22 release there are enhancements
| to the VDPAU blit-based presentation
| queue, updated VDPAU to improve thread
| concurrency (this could help the
| GStreamer-Cairo developers, modified the
| install location of the VDPAU libraries
| (see the recent libvdpau release), a
| define for VDPAU_INTERFACE_VERSION, and a
| fix for a periodic temporary hang in the
| VDPAU blit-based presentation queue. The
| main new feature for VDPAU though with the
| 195.xx series is that the Video Decode and
| presentation API for Unix now allows
| multiple streams to be decoded at once.

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The Secret Linux Agenda ,----[ Quote ] | For all its problems: many self inflicted, I still think Open is better. I'm | a glass-half-full type. I also remind myself all the time that despite | appearances, Open Source is not a computer religion. It is just a good idea. | | And it is... The Secret Linux Agenda `---- http://talk.bmc.com/blogs/blog-carl/steve-carl/The-Secret-Linux-Agenda Needed - The Two Percent Solution ,----[ Quote ] | With the exception of an ant colony and a kibbutz, two percent of the | population will fuel and affect the progress of that society. The rest of ...

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Don't let the trolls spew out just the negative spins to this story. Big Blue and Big Red now jointly work to address the demand for Linux (yesterday's news). Announcing Oracle Unbreakable Linux ,----[ Quote ] | Oracle Unbreakable Linux is a support program that | provides enterprises with industry-leading global | support for Linux. Recognizing the demand for true | enterprise-quality Linux support and seeing an | opportunity to significantly reduce IT infrastructure | costs, Oracle is now offering Linux operating | system support. `---- http://www.oracle.com/technologies/linux/in...

[News] OSDL Publishes "Desktop Linux 2006: Year in Review"
Desktop Linux 2006: The Year in Review ,----[ Quote ] | The OSDL's Desktop Linux Working Group has published its first | year-end report on the state of the overall desktop Linux ecosystem. | The report provides insight into the year's key accomplishments in | terms of functionality, standards, applications, distributions, | market penetration, and more. `---- http://desktoplinux.com/articles/AT3453502692.html -- List of candidate Microsoft astroturfers (directly or indirectly paid by Microsoft to post in this newsgroup): flatfish+++ Damian O'Leary (AKA Ha...

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[News] More Linux Myths Busted, Including the "Cheap" Linux User
Top 5 Linux Myths ,----[ Quote ] | The sheer ignorance regarding casual Linux users astounds me to no end. While | I'm not interested in pointing fingers, there is a lot of misinformation | about the Linux community, and we will help to dispel some of these myths, | once and for all. | | 1. Linux Users Are Cheap. Ah, this is one of my favorites. It seems that | Linux users have long since been seen as cheap, despite the fact that so many | of them in the States earn up to six figures. First, define cheap? Are we | cheap because we choose not to buy brand new everything with eve...

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