[News] Nokia's and Ampro's Ubuntu GNU/Linux Adoption

Nokia embraces Ubuntu OS

,----[ Quote ]
| Nokia’s Internet Tablet devices are set to get a port of the Linux operating 
| system Ubuntu, following the release of the latest ‘Hardy Heron’ v8.04 of 
| Ubuntu this week.  


Ampro Debuts Ubuntu-Based Embedded Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Ampro Computers Inc. has introduced Ampro Embedded Linux to support the 
| company’s line of board-level embedded computers. Derived from Ubuntu 
| packages, an increasingly popular form of Linux, Ampro Embedded Linux is a 
| free, open-source, reduced-footprint operating system. It is enhanced with 
| device-oriented features such as its default touch-enabled Hildon graphical 
| user interface (GUI) and other selected technologies from the Ubuntu Mobile & 
| Embedded (UME) project.      



Why Ubuntu on ARM Could be a Rich Seam

,----[ Quote ]
| ARM today announced that the total number of processors shipped by its 
| Partners has exceeded ten billion. 
|              ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| [...]
| A Nokia-sponsored project is porting Ubuntu Linux to the ARM architecture.


Linux still top embedded OS

,----[ Quote ] 
| In a new whitepaper on Linux in the embedded market, VDC researchers cite the 
| following reasons for Linux's popularity: 
|     * Licensing cost advantages
|     * Flexibility of source code access
|     * General familiarity
|     * Maturing ecosystem of applications and tools
|     * Growing developer experience with Linux as an embedded OS

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