[News] On Linux Reliability, Availability. and Serviceability Tools

Linux: Reliability, Availability. and Serviceability

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| A recent patch posted to the lkml aimed to make it possible to use both kdb 
| and kdump at the same time, and instead led to an interesting discussion 
| about RAS (Reliability, Availability, and Serviceability) tools.  
| [...]
| Andrew Morton summarized the current state of affairs, "lots of different 
| groups, little commonality in their desired funtionality, little interest in 
| sharing infrastructure or concepts."  


Sounds like he is describing proprietary software.


MySQL adds high availability option to open source database

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| Open source database vendor MySQL is adding high availability for
| LAMP applications to its MySQL Enterprise subscription offering
| via a partnership with Austrian high availability specialist LINBIT.


HA middleware, Linux converge on telecom hardware

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| Enea says its high-availability network software will be
| available pre-integrated with Kontron's AdvancedTCA and
| AdvancedMC systems. The combined product targets media
| gateways, base station controllers, and session border
| controllers, and will run MontaVista Linux. 

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