[News] On the Web, No Free Software Would Mean Problems

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SXSW: When it Comes to Web Scale Go Cheap, Go Custom or Go Home

,----[ Quote ]
| Dealing with the terabytes of data generated 
| by users online and serving up relationships 
| tied to that data quickly are forcing web-
| scale sites like Twitter, Reddit and Facebook 
| to investigate a variety of home-built, open 
| sourced and hardware solutions, and reject as 
| many closed-source software (such as Oracle) 
| and specialized hardware solutions as 
| possible.



The Coffee Party Uses Drupal

,----[ Quote ]
| You can very easily discuss U.S. politics
| over a cup of tea or now, coffee. The much
| popular Sarah Palin 'hand reading'
| capabilities triggered Americans to find an
| alternative to the Tea Party. The
| alternative is the Coffee Party. I can't
| comment much on the goals or agenda's behind
| the two new political 'movements' on the US
| political scene, however, there is some
| indirect connection between the Coffee Party
| and Free Software (Muktware) or Open Source.
| The Coffee Party uses Drupal as their CMS,
| the same CMS which The White House Uses.

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