[News] Open Database License is Out, Topocad Uses Open Source FDO Database Connection

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Open Database License (ODbL) v1.0 Released

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| The Open Database License (ODbL) is an open license for data and databases 
| which includes explicit attribution and share-alike requirements. 


Topocad 11.3 with FDO Database Connection

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| Chaos systems AB presents a new and open source database connection, which 
| connect to a large number of databases. It uses the open source FDO from Open 
| Source GEO, which has been adapted to Topocad. Many customers have expressed 
| a demanded of a freestanding database.   



Open Database License

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| If you think open data is as important as open source, then please take a
| look at a release candidate of the Open Database License (ODbL).

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Hi Header pretty much says it all. Every time a user kicks off an app which should be using 1 database licence it is taking 2, thus halving the number of users who can use the system. This doesn't seem right. Anyone got any ideas? Thanks. WanRob via DBMonster.com wrote: > Header pretty much says it all. Every time a user kicks off an app which > should be using 1 database licence it is taking 2, thus halving the number of > users who can use the system. This doesn't seem > right. Anyone got any ideas? Modify the application so that it makes just one connection to the database? Can you show us what you mean if it isn't that? You could also think about CPU-based licencing instead of user-based licencing. -- Jonathan Leffler #include <disclaimer.h> Email: jleffler@earthlink.net, jleffler@us.ibm.com Guardian of DBD::Informix v2005.01 -- http://dbi.perl.org/ ...

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