[News] Open Source SpringSource Grows Bigger With Acquisition

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SpringSource to Acquire GemStone Systems Data Management Technology 


SpringSource To Acquire GemStone Data Management

,----[ Quote ]
| Another week, another important announcement. 
| The SpringSource division of VMware today 
| announced that we have entered into a 
| definitive agreement to acquire GemStone 
| Systems, a leader in data grid technology.



VMware SpringSources for open source Rabbit

,----[ Quote ]
| Rabbit Technolgies CEO Alexis Richardson
| tells us that the company's open source
| messaging system, dubbed RabbitMQ, is used
| by NASA's Nebula project, a private
| infrastructure cloud that will apparently be
| used to power applications across the US
| federal government.


Talend Launches Industry’s First Unified Data Management Platform

,----[ Quote ]
| Talend, the recognized market leader in open
| source data management software, today
| announced the release of Talend 4.0, a
| significant milestone for the company and
| the data integration market.


SpringSource Acquires RabbitMQ Cloud Messaging Technology

,----[ Quote ]
| SpringSource, a division of VMware, Inc.
| (NYSE:VMW) and the leader in Java
| application infrastructure and management,
| today announced the acquisition by VMware of
| Rabbit Technologies, Ltd., an open source
| software company based in the United
| Kingdom. SpringSource will add the RabbitMQ
| open messaging system into its suite of
| technologies that reduce the complexity
| associated with development, deployment and
| management of enterprise applications. Terms
| of the deal were not disclosed.

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