[News] [OSS] Google Elevates Open Source Use, RISC OS Chooses to Concede Source Code

Google to enhance, simplify Search Appliance

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| As an open-source framework, the Content Connector Framework
| will be available for anyone to examine, use, and improve, he
| said. "We don't view the plumbing between one system and
| another as proprietary or as our strategic advantage," he said.


Castle reveal shared source licence

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| Source code to be released tomorrow



Castle and ROS Open reveal plans for 2007

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| He said: "We looked at using the GPL in great deal, and we had to
| select and modify it a lot to suit us and the situation we are in.
| We do need to protect our intellectual property, and have a degree
| of control over it. Our approach is to make the license flexible,
| and the controls in place can be relaxed if we feel this is
| necessary in future."
| He also acknowledged that RISC OS 5 could somewhat fork into
| different favours, like GNU/Linux more or less quickly did,
| but said said he hoped "we can move it as one lump forward,
| and not have bits and pieces spread out everywhere."


RISC OS Open licence in hands of lawyers

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| "The open source licence (still with the lawyers after many months of
| careful drafting, but soon to be made available) under which RISC OS
| is made available either free or for pence per unit is not like the
| GPL one. Rather, as third parties improve RISC OS, they are obliged
| by the licence to publish details of those improvements and they
| then become part of RISC OS..."


Could open source RISC OS bring back users?

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| "If this were to happen, it would open up the possibility of
| either community-based or commercial groups moving the OS to other
| hardware platforms. ARM powered motherboards, PDAs, set top boxes
| and even phones are ubiquitous and many of these could, in theory,
| serve as a platform for running RISC OS..."


RISC OS 5.12 released with price tag

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| A fortnight after announcing plans to share the RISC OS 5 source
| code, developers Castle have slapped a 69 quid price tag on their
| latest OS upgrade. The news has lead to some confusion over the
| future direction of the operating system, and fuelled concern
| that crucial components of RISC OS 5 will remain closed source
| as chargeable updates.


RISC OS 5 source code release revealed

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| Castle and RISC OS Open Ltd have revealed their ambitious plan to release
| the source code of various RISC OS 5 components. Under a so-called
| 'shared source initiative', a phased release of RISC OS is promised to
| take place over the next few months - starting with applications
| including Paint, Edit, Draw, Configure, Unicode, the web browser Browse,
| and the printer manager. The Shared C Library and RISC OS build scripts
| will also be released, according to CTL and ROS Open.

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