[News] Palm's and Nokia'a Linux Phones Another Sign of the Platform's Success?

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Nokia prep'ing first Linux phone?

,----[ Quote ]
| The world's largest mobile phone vendor will adopt Linux for its higher-end 
| phones, a report claims. Instead of its Symbian-based S60 stack, Nokia will 
| look to open source OS technology such as Maemo, in order to better compete 
| with RIM and Apple, says the Financial Times, Germany.    


O2 UK denies pre-Halloween Pré launch

,----[ Quote ]
| A report that O2 will launch the Palm Pré in the UK on 30 October is false, 
| the network operator has told Register Hardware. 



Nokia to cull Symbian from smartphones?

,----[ Quote ]
| Nokia smartphones may soon be shipped running the phone giant's Linux-based
| Maemo operating system instead of Symbian, it has been claimed.
| Maemo – also known as the Internet Tablet OS – has been around since 2005 and
| was originally designed for Nokia’s family of handheld internet gadgets.
| Now a report by the Financial Times Deutschland has hinted that Nokia is
| preparing to drop Symbian from its smartphones, in favour of Maemo. The
| paper’s source is unclear.


Nokia: We’re Fully Commited To Symbian


Nokia RX-51 Tablet Captured in the Wild

,----[ Quote ]
| The N900, as we are calling it now, can be termed an upgrade over the N97.
| The device features a full QWERTY keyboard and a huge 3.5-inch touch screen
| capable of WVGA resolution (800x480). It is expected to run the upcoming
| Maeomo5 OS, the latest version of the Linux based smartphone OS that Nokia
| uses for its lineup of tablet devices. That, we believe, would be the major
| difference between this one and the N97 which runs on the more "mass market"
| Series 60 Fifth Edition OS.


Maemo-powered Nokia N900 spotted!


Nokia to drop Symbian for Maemo?

,----[ Quote ]
| Nokia could be set to ditch Symbian as its main smartphone OS in favour of
| Maemo Linux. At least that’s the gist of a report in the German edition of
| the Financial Times (aka the FTD). Read on for all the details.


Nokia adjusts Qt brand, website

,----[ Quote ]
| Now Qt Software is being renamed as Qt Development Frameworks and the web
| address will change to http://qt.nokia.com.


Nokia turning to Android for new phone?

,----[ Quote ]
| Nokia is breaking from Symbian and about to use Android for one of its next
| smartphones, according to industry sources. A touchscreen, smartphone-class
| device is claimed by the Guardian to be later in development and likely to be
| unveiled at Nokia World in September. Its features are unknown beyond the use
| of the Google platform.


Nokia to release a netbook?

,----[ Quote ]
| All this begs the question of which OS platform would Nokia choose? The N810
| runs on a Linux variant known as Maemo, which includes a Nokia-developed
| Gnome application framework dubbed Hildon.
| Hildon in turn has been adopted by Ubuntu for their Intel-endorsed Mobile
| Internet Device Edition, while the Intel-founded Moblin project is built
| around the  Gnome Mobile platform. This already gives Nokia some entré into
| the world of Linux and Atom-powered devices.

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