[News] PC-BSD Advocacy from 2 Linux Users

PC-BSD Day 16: Time for advocacy

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| The good news is that the Dutch government send a new policy paper to 
| parliament about the use of open source software and open standards. The gist 
| of it is that government institutions will be obliged to start using open 
| standards as early as 2008 and migrate to open source software as much as 
| possible and feasible. This means that I can request, no demand government 
| documents to be made available to me in Open Document Format or -when it is 
| deemed impossible- to get a very, very good explanation about the why.      
| [...]
| It even requires the PC-BSD team to sit down with GUI specialists, artists 
| and graphical designers to create that new experience. But once this is done 
| PC-BSD should be able to make a strong contribution to support the push to 
| promote open source software in the wake of the open standards adoption.   


Ladies and Gentlemen: PC-BSD

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| Continuing with my capstone class series, I have been testing some alternates 
| to the distros that were chosen for me. These alternates are basically 
| different distros of the same operating systems. For instance, I mentioned 
| last night that I had found an Ubuntu based Solaris distro called Nexenta. I 
| played with it a bit last night, but I decided not to use it because it is 
| still in its Alpha stages.     



Comparing GNU/Linux and FreeBSD

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| FreeBSD and GNU/Linux are two great options: choosing one or the
| other depends on many factors. Usually FreeBSD is used as a web
| server: companies like Yahoo! or Sony Japan trust FreeBSD to run
| their internet portals; on the desktop GNU/Linux wins this battle,
| but GNU/Linux is used on many web servers as well. Users will find 
| if they are familiar with traditional UNIX systems they can use 
| either without many problems. FreeBSD and Linux: a gift of 
| quality, robustness, security and stability from the free software
| community to the world of operating systems.


Kubuntu v.s. PC-BSD

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| I played a bit with Kubuntu this morning in preparation for the 
| article "PC-BSD for Ubuntu Users". It made sense to me to compare the two 
| operating systems if they were both running the same window manager (KDE) so 
| I wouldn't be distracted by Gnome v.s. KDE issues. That was my first 
| mistake....    

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