[News] Puppy Linux Now Based on Ubuntu (Puppy Linux 5.0), Reviewed

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Ubuntu-based Puppy Linux 5.0 arrives

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| The major update, also referred to as 
| "Lucid Puppy", was built using the Woof 
| build system and is based on Ubuntu 10.04 
| LTS Lucid Lynx binary packages. Lucid 
| Puppy features the new Quickpet package 
| manager which allows users to install a 
| number of Linux programs with a single 
| click. Available applications include the 
| Kompozer web authoring system, GIMP for 
| image editing and several browsers, such 
| as Firefox, SeaMonkey, Chromium, and 
| Opera.


Distro Hoppin`: Puppy Linux 5.0

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| Puppy Linux is on an ever-ascending curve 
| with every new release proving to be a 
| must have for Linux nomads who need an 
| Internet- and Multimedia-ready system 
| wherever they go, without needing to 
| sacrifice precious space on their thumb 
| drives, nor tones of resources on the host 
| machines. Puppy Linux 5, what a great 
| specimen you are... 


Puppy Linux 5.0

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| Puppy Linux, in case you aren’t already 
| familiar with it, is a lightweight version 
| of Linux that is designed for portability.
| The .iso file of Puppy Linux 5.0 weighs in 
| at an incredibly petite 128 MB. It’s much, 
| much smaller than all of the usual desktop 
| heavyweight distros. But don’t let its 
| small size fool you, Puppy Linux 5.0 is 
| anything but an also-ran in terms of 
| functionality and usability.
| Puppy Linux 5.0 is built from Ubuntu Linux 
| 10.04 (Lucid Lynx) binaries, so it’s…er…
| pet name is Lucid Puppy. Like a lot of 
| other things about Puppy Linux, the name 
| is cute and adorable. I felt like giving 
| Puppy Linux a dog bone and a pat on the 
| head when I started using it.



Puppy Linux: Your new best friend

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| On occasion I have a need for a tiny,
| lightning fast Linux distribution to boot
| into in order to check various issues on a
| machine. Either that or I just don’t want to
| monkey around with someone else’ data. Either
| way, I will often grab for either a CD or
| flash drive containing my favorite “micro”
| distribution, Puppy Linux.


Switching to Linux with Puppy

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| If you would like to be sure that you are
| doing online banking from a clean system,
| just run your operating system of choice
| (Windows/Linux/Mac) everyday and boot from
| the Puppy CD before going to your banking
| site. This is a great way to prevent malware
| keyloggers from stealing your banking
| credentials.


Puppy Linux: Just for fun

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| Puppy Linux is something different, a tiny
| version of Linux that can be stored on a USB
| memory drive, will run in memory, and can be
| used for working on the move.

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