[News] Review of the Linux-based iRex, Linux CTO Recommends Linux-based EBook Readers

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iRex Digital Reader DR1000S

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| iRex extended its electronic book line back in September last year, but it's 
| taken us more than a couple of weeks to get used to its new DR1000s Digital 
| Reader and understand that this is really a new class of product, rather than 
| an evolution of the smaller readers of the past.   


Why the Sony PRS-505/PRS-700 is a Better Choice Than the Kindle

,----[ Quote ]
| I think the Sony e-Reader is a much better choice as a result.
| Yet another reason why people should Just Say No to DRM.



eReader on Android Soon, Planned for Palm Pre Later

,----[ Quote ]
| Google Android handset owners can expect eReader availability in “mid- to
| late summer,” according to TeleRead. They spoke to Scott Pendergrast of
| Fictionwise, which is owned by Barnes & Noble.

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-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 Lessons for Nook from Zune ,----[ Quote ] | 1. The Kindle isn't a monopoly | The Kindle, on which I was unduly harsh when | it first appeared, has been the most popular | e-reader. But it does not yet have the | massive market presence that the iPod did by | the time the first Zunes came out. (Amazon | has not released sales numbers, but | TechCrunch estimates it somewhere north of a | million.) This matters because lending and | borrowing are only attractive if you believe | there will be other people near by you whose | taste you trust to borrow from. | | The tide was clearly against the Zune by the | time it came out, which did not give | consumers confidence that there would be | other Zune users to get music from. In that | case, it was just safer to stick with the | leader, the iPod. `---- http://news.cnet.com/8301-13641_3-10384838-44.html Recent: OpenInkpot: free software for e-book readers ,----[ Quote ] | OpenInkpot (or OI) intends to be a full alternative, | free software stack for e-ink based readers. It comes | with a "bookshelf" menu to handle your collection of | e-books and brings the popular FBReader and Cool | Reader to display most e-book formats, among them | epub, fb2, txt, html, rtf, pdb, plucker and | mobipocket. PDF files are handled by OI's own locoPDF | and madeye is a simple viewer for images. A sound | player application for audio books will join the OI | software...

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Where a Screen Isn't an Option, a Hand-Held Uses Audio ,----[ Quote ] | The Linux-based Icon, which comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion | battery, runs on an Intel 520-megahertz XScale processor and has | 256 megabytes of internal flash memory, along with a MiniSD card | slot to add more storage. `---- http://www.nytimes.com/2007/06/07/technology/07blind.html?ex=1182312000&en=00cdad25edafa261&ei=5099&partner=TOPIXNEWS Related: IBM helps blind 'see' web video ,----[ Quote ] | Technology giant, IBM, is soon to launch a multimedia browser to make | audio and vid...

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Cellular modem/routers run Linux/Java/OSGi stack ,----[ Quote ] | Board- and system-maker Arcom has launched a family of Linux-based | cellular modem/routers aimed at telemetry, Internet access, and | mobile computing applications. `---- http://www.linuxdevices.com/news/NS4462858076.html There is even open source in the embedded Linux world: Open-source remote access technology advances ,----[ Quote ] | NoMachine debuted NX in 2003, and has since licensed the technology to thin | client Linux OS distributors that include SmartFlex (formerly Igel), NeoWare, | and Thinstation. `---- ...

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-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 PocketBook 301+ Comfort review ,----[ Quote ] | The PocketBook 301+ is actually a recent | update of the original model released in | 2007, itself based on a popular eReader | design that’s been sold by various | companies. Ukrainian in origin, the | original 301 was a variant on the Netronix | EB-600 eReader and essentially offered the | same basic spec as a very wide range of | other eReaders – around seven or eight of | them in total. The 301+ improves the | specification in several ways, though the | quality of the E Ink screen and a sizable | increase in internal storage capacity (up | to 512MB from 256MB) are two of the key | areas here. It features second-generation | Vizplex E Ink electronic paper (the same | tech as adopted by Sony for its 505 among | others), and boasts a resolution of | 600×800 pixels on its 6-inch screen. It | can cater for 16 shades of grey – which, | like its size, is essentially the standard | for eReaders at the moment. `---- http://www.linuxuser.co.uk/reviews/pocketbook-301-comfort/ EDA industry is 'red-hot' right now, says Mentor CEO ,----[ Quote ] | Embedded Ally is a California-based | provider of Linux, middleware and software | for mobile and embedded devices. | | “This has pushed us into the open source | community,” said Rhines. `---- http://www.electronicsweekly.com/Articles/2010/06/15/48839/eda-industry-is-red-hot-right-now-says-mentor-ceo.htm...

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-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 Nokia N900 Review Roundup ,----[ Quote ] | You only have to read a few reviews of the | Nokia N900 to realise that it is a | resounding success – people like the | functionality, the open source nature of | its OS, the memory, the possibilities for | development, and the little features on it. | Techradar disagreed with Nokia on one | thing: they don’t believe that the Nokia | N900 is a computer. Instead, they said, | “it’s a smartphone and a very good one at | that.” In addition, they were also | impressed with the overall performance of | the OS. | | Similarly, T3 were highly impressed with | the overall functionality of the Nokia | N900, saying it was “better than any Nokia | handset we’ve seen in along time.” | | They added: “In terms of browsing and sheer | multitasking capability, it’s also superior | to other smartphone rivals.” `---- http://noknok.tv/2009/11/20/nokia-n900-review-roundup/ Nokia Focuses on Linux-based Maemo for High-end Smartphones ,----[ Quote ] | The talk of the town is Android. Nobody is | talking about Symbian anymore. Symbian, of | course, still holds majority (50 percent of | global sales) of the mobile market share, | but its slowly declining. Maybe that’s why | Nokia, Symbian’s primary contributor, is | trying to fight back - by dropping the | mobile OS from its high-end phones. `---- http://www.mobilewire.co.uk/19-11-2009-nokia-focuses-on-linux-based-maemo-for-high-e...

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