[News] Reviews of Zenwalk Linux 6.4, Puppy Linux Lucid Puppy

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Zenwalk Linux 6.4

,----[ Quote ]
| The Standard Edition distribution installed 
| with no problems on my HP Pavillion 
| dv2-1010ez, which has an AMD cpu, ATI 
| graphics and Atheros WiFi, and everything 
| works just fine. I have not loaded it on my 
| HP 2133 yet, but I just checked and it does 
| include the openchrome driver in the base 
| distribution (hooray!), so I am hopeful it 
| will load on that system easily as well. I 
| will try to get that done, as well as my 
| "plain vanilla" Lifebook Intel-based 
| system, over the weekend and post an update 
| about it next week.
| If you read my short post about Slackware 
| 13.1 yesterday, and perhaps were a bit put 
| off by the "minimalist" installation 
| booting to a text login prompt and such (or 
| if you are just lazy like me), then Zenwalk 
| is an excellent way to get started with a 
| complete ready-to-run Slackware-based 
| distribution.


Review: Puppy Linux Lucid Puppy – With Screenshots

,----[ Quote ]
| Puppy Linux. One of the most iconic Linux 
| distros out there. I have played around 
| with them for what seems like ages, and 
| have found reasons to both love and hate 
| them over the years.
| As of recently Puppy has been built from 
| Ubuntu, and I take a look at the newest 
| release…



Zenwalk Core 6.4 is ready !

,----[ Quote ]
| Zenwalk Core is a one of a kind complete
| 300MB base Zenwalk system designed to build
| high-performance / high-security non-GUI
| Linux servers, or to be used as the base of
| your own custom light-speed Desktop System.
| You'll be amazed how it can be installed in
| just 10 minutes using the auto-install
| setup option on a dedicated disk : then
| you're ready to query the Netpkg repository
| to install your desktop of choice, or any
| network servers like Apache, Postfix, … in
| case you're a network administrator. Feel
| free to check our repository for
| availability of any application, you'll
| notice it's fairly complete (you can also
| use Slackware packages as Zenwalk 6.4 is
| Slackware compatible).

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-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 tmxxine : Muppy Interview ,----[ Quote ] | Lini-sys is a Puppy Linux fork, designed for stable, commercial use | It includes many enhancements for the home and professional user. | 'Muppy' is the code name for Minisys-Linux.∞ | A choice of windowing environments include Compiz, KDE, IceWm, Fluxbox and | JWM `---- http://tmxxine.com/wik/wikka.php?wakka=MuppyInterview Recent: An Old Dog Learns Some New Tricks With Puppy Linux 4 ,----[ Quote ] | Puppy Linux version 4 is a good choice if you're looking for a portable Linux | OS, w...

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I have Linux! I have Linux!
Ok, after two days of trying to get Windos 1900 installed and working , I sat down an hour ago and installed Linux. In an hour. Smirk. Ok, I will be honest. I did have some problems, but I believe they were of my own ignorance. 0) I started with trying to install Suse. However, I couldn't get it to install. Why? Because I didn't read the menu. There is a startup menu and the first entry is boot to harddisk. I thought that was the thing to do so I did it about 4 times. Then I gave up. However, I went back to it and subsequently realized that I should have chosen the 2nd men...

[News] Good Reviews of SystemRescueCd, Puppy Linux 4.00
-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 Essential Linux Tool: SystemRescueCd ,----[ Quote ] | SystemRescueCd 1.0.3 is an amazingly handy tool that's essential for system | administrators and IT technicians. However, it's also very easy to use that I | think even a regular Linux user can handle it. I'm so glad that I found | SystemRescueCd because it has all the tools that I need to keep me from being | paranoid of losing all of my essential files. `---- http://www.junauza.com/2008/06/essential-linux-tool-systemrescuecd.html Puppy Linux 4.00 is barking up the right...

[News] Puppy Linux Makes Migration to GNU/Linux Logical
-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 Switching to Linux with Puppy ,----[ Quote ] | If you would like to be sure that you are | doing online banking from a clean system, | just run your operating system of choice | (Windows/Linux/Mac) everyday and boot from | the Puppy CD before going to your banking | site. This is a great way to prevent malware | keyloggers from stealing your banking | credentials. `---- http://systemsengineer.wordpress.com/2010/01/01/switching-to-linux-with-puppy/ Live CDs... EASY! Samsung NC10 – a pleasant Ubuntu experience ,----[ Quote ] | Anyway, how does it fair with Ubuntu? | | I used an Ubuntu 9.10 live USB session to see | what was working. I was pleased to discover | that it appears to be everything. Wireless, | bluetooth, correct resolution, touch pad and | keyboard. Battery life is not noticeably | different to Windows either. `---- http://blog.lynxworks.eu/20100101/samsung-nc10-a-pleasant-ubuntu-experience Recent: Puppy Linux: Just for fun ,----[ Quote ] | Puppy Linux is something different, a tiny | version of Linux that can be stored on a USB | memory drive, will run in memory, and can be | used for working on the move. `---- http://www.itpro.co.uk/618739/puppy-linux-just-for-fun -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v1.4.9 (GNU/Linux) iEYEARECAAYFAks/72MACgkQU4xAY3RXLo70BQCgiTCpj9wzpvUXGrq2sfqu332g yGIAn2NkpG+EkuUH4gY75izRyblg1pDc =fIYk -----END PGP SIGNATURE----- ...

My Linux is not your Linux
To the denizens of comp.os.linux.advocacy! So many people demonstrate in this newsgroup that they know only a Linux of Hatred and Greed, of paranoia, and of a selfish sense of entitlement. They seem always to be behaving like monkeys in reaction to human dissenters, throwing feces at one another and beating their chests pretending to know something. My Linux is not that Linux. My Linux is the Linux of Love, of sharing, friendship, community. It is a uniquely human Linux and not one for monkeys. When I speak with fellow Linux users in real life (i.e. not in the monkeyhouse of COLA) they remind me of myself: practical, freedom-loving, anti-corporate. Here in COLA however they remind me of monkeys or spoiled brats or worse, corporate sysadmins. My Linux is not your Linux. It is the human Linux that acknowledges that Linux involves human work to create, that although it is free you are not entitled to it, that although it is created in large part by volunteers, they deserve to be paid for their gifts with at least gratitude. And that monkeys and self-entitled brats and sysadmins never thank anyone. yarmfelder@yahoo.com writes: > To the denizens of comp.os.linux.advocacy! You crossposted to gnu.misc.discuss. > My Linux is not your Linux. It is the human Linux > that acknowledges that Linux involves human work > to create, that although it is free you are not > entitled to it, that although it is created in large part > by volunteers, they deserve to be pa...

Why linux is linux
We don't destroy, we create. We don't imitate, we build. We are not a network, we are a personal OS. -- http://www.texeme.com Hi John, Attempting to Speak for Linux, You wrote: << We don't destroy, we create. We don't imitate, we build. We are not a network, we are a personal OS. >> Linux is more like this: << Like everything else, we consume and are consumed. We exchange ideas with everyone, to the point where it's almost impossible to track. We are artisans, not mass producers. >> Jeff Relf wrote: > Linux is mo...

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Running Windows applications with CrossOver Linux 6.0 ,----[ Quote ] | With its growing application support and foray into gaming, CrossOver | Linux 6 is an excellent alternative for Linux users who are stuck | with a Windows application at work or at school. `---- http://applications.linux.com/applications/07/01/23/1725227.shtml?tid=13 Compatibility list: http://www.codeweavers.com/compatibility/browse/name ...

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Treat it as what it is. A lightweight 80 MB distribution which resembles Windows 2000. ,----[ Overview ] | ReviewLinux.Com takes the Puppy for a Walk! Puppy Linux 2.01 has | been released and we thought should take a look at this very popular | Linux distribution. 17 screen shots guide you through the test drive | of Puppy Linux 2.01. `---- http://reviewlinux.com/?m=show&id=2393 Roy Schestowitz wrote: > Treat it as what it is. A lightweight 80 MB distribution which resembles > Windows 2000. > > ,----[ Overview ] > | ReviewLinux.Com takes t...

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-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 iRex Digital Reader DR1000S ,----[ Quote ] | iRex extended its electronic book line back in September last year, but it's | taken us more than a couple of weeks to get used to its new DR1000s Digital | Reader and understand that this is really a new class of product, rather than | an evolution of the smaller readers of the past. `---- http://www.reghardware.co.uk/2009/07/23/review_electronic_book_irex_digtal_reader_dr1000s/ Why the Sony PRS-505/PRS-700 is a Better Choice Than the Kindle ,----[ Quote ] | I think the Sony e-Reader is a much better choice as a result. | | Yet another reason why people should Just Say No to DRM. `---- http://linux.com/news/featured-blogs/179-theodore-tso/28686-why-the-sony-prs-505prs-700-is-a-better-choice-than-the-kindle Recent: eReader on Android Soon, Planned for Palm Pre Later ,----[ Quote ] | Google Android handset owners can expect eReader availability in “mid- to | late summer,” according to TeleRead. They spoke to Scott Pendergrast of | Fictionwise, which is owned by Barnes & Noble. `---- http://jkontherun.com/2009/06/10/ereader-on-android-soon-planned-for-palm-pre-later/ -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v1.4.9 (GNU/Linux) iEYEARECAAYFAkpo8VkACgkQU4xAY3RXLo5+mQCeNdQ5SRtTBYP8W3LEp52NHfBR /cQAoKCsTtFJwEiLAebYBg0q1yrTsI0N =No5F -----END PGP SIGNATURE----- ...

[News] Linux Foundation Teaches the Public About GNU/Linux, Linux 2.6.34 Shaping up
-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 The Linux Foundation Launches Free Webinar Series With Big Names ,----[ Quote ] | Starting this month, The Linux Foundation is | offering free Linux Training webinars taught | by well-known Linux developers and | personalities. `---- http://ostatic.com/blog/the-linux-foundation-launches-free-webinar-series-with-big-names Major Linux 2.6.34 Kernel GPU DRM Updates ,----[ Quote ] | There's already quite a bit of code that has | been merged into the Linus 2.6 Git tree for | the Linux 2.6.34 kernel tree, but the first | pull request for the DRM (Direct Rendering | Manager) code has went in this morning. `---- http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=ODAyMg Recent: Linux Foundation Announces 2010 “We’re Linux” Video Contest: The Linux Super Bowl Ad ,----[ Quote ] | “We’re Linux” returns for the second year in a | row, aims to surface creative user-generated | ads for the popular operating system `---- http://www.linuxfoundation.org/news-media/announcements/2010/02/linux-foundation-announces-2010-%E2%80%9Cwe%E2%80%99re-linux%E2%80%9D-video-contest-linux-s Linux Foundation announces "We're Linux" video contest ,----[ Quote ] | Submissions are open until the 4th of April, | 2010. `---- http://www.h-online.com/open/news/item/Linux-Foundation-announces-We-re-Linux-video-contest-922974.html -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v1.4.9 (GNU/Linux) iEYEARECAAYFAkuOlJ0ACgkQU4xAY3RXLo7...

[News] Linux, Linux, Linux at Acer (Phones and Tablets)
-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 Acer CEO whips out iPad rival ,----[ Quote ] | Acer has shown off an Android-based iPad | alternative. `---- http://www.reghardware.co.uk/2010/05/27/acer_shows_ipad_tablet/ Acer Gets Official with ‘Stream’ ,----[ Quote ] | Acer has created a new 3D user interface that | features animations and a 'peeling' gesture to | unlock the phone. The lock screen lets users | read information without having to open | applications and a History panel provides quick | access to often-used apps. `---- http://www.androidg...

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A dress "resembling" the $150,000 (£97,000) outfit worn by Lupita Nyong'o at this...

The Stock Review - Stock News & Analysis
Brokerage firms on Wall Street have been given an average recommendation of 2.44 for Xilinx, Inc. (NASDAQ:XLNX). This is the mean buy/sell rating ...

The Beverly Review: Beverly, Morgan Park and Mt. Greenwood's local news since 1905
Beverly, Morgan Park and Mt. Greenwood's local news since 1905

The Brooks Review

The Literary Review - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Literary Review is an American literary magazine founded in 1957. The quarterly magazine is published internationally by Fairleigh Dickinson ...

AFL Match Review Panel: GWS Giants forward Jeremy Cameron sent to the AFL tribunal
Greater Western Sydney may have to start their season without star forward Jeremy Cameron, who will front the AFL Tribunal this week.

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