[News] [Rival] Microsoft Office 2010 Looks Like Another Ribbon-Like Fiasco (Revenues Down Sharply)

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Why I hate Microsoft Office 2010

,----[ Quote ]
| The fun doesn't end with Outlook. Word, 
| Excel, and PowerPoint are all infected with 
| what I've dubbed the Back Stage Virus. I'm 
| referring, of course, to the new Back Stage 
| view that pops up whenever you click the 
| File tab in any of these applications. 
| Instead of the drop-down menu that appears 
| on all previous ribbonized applications 
| (including the Windows 7 Paint and WordPad 
| accessories), Office 2010 presents you with 
| a dedicated, full-window pane containing a 
| schizophrenic array of buttons, button 
| menus, and hyperlink-like text labels.


Microsoft Office 2010: So Many Reasons to Hate It

,----[ Quote ]
| Office 2010 is clunky -- that's the first 
| word that comes to mind as I meander around 
| the recently leaked official beta release 
| (build 14.0.4514.1007, for those keeping 
| score). The default color scheme is a 
| ghastly gradient gray blur, while the new 
| Outlook Scenic Ribbon toolbar is a 
| disorganized mess.


Microsoft misses the boat on web applications


Microsoft Protects its Flanks to Save It's Ass

,----[ Quote ]
| Summary
| * Microsoft is making a defensive alliance 
| to complete its stack
| * Fortunes will be made and lost developing 
| cloud offerings
| * Despite the hype Cloud Computing is a real 
| long term trend



Microsoft Axes Office Accounting Software

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft quietly announced Friday that it
| plans to kill off its Office Accounting
| products, beginning Nov. 16.
| "After evaluating the product over the past
| few years, we have determined that other
| Microsoft offerings, such as free templates in
| the Office system used with Excel and the
| Dynamics product, are able to meet our
| customers' needs," a Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT)
| spokesperson said in an e-mailed statement.


Microsoft Office Accounting dies on November 16, 2009

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft is killing off its whole Office
| Accounting product line on November 16, 2009.


Microsoft Discontinues Accounting Software


Microsoft smothers Sage and Intuit challenger


Microsoft to drop Office Accounting product, services

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Like Einstein Like Linux
Linux is a hobby project largely created by Linus Torvalds in his spare time with no corporate or government sponsorship. Einstein's relativity, both special and general, as well as his photoelectric effect, are hobby projects that were largely created during his spare time with no corporate or government sponsorship. Einstein's theories are universally acclaimed as being the greatest intellectual achievements in the history of mankind. GNU/Linux is perhaps the greatest computing achievement in the history of the OS. To all those dumb-fsck a$$holes who continue to declaim GNU/Linux as being "hobbyist:" lick the stinking, spattered sh!t off your maggoty toilet seat. GNU/Linux. The only choice of real men everywhere. On 1/29/2016 9:14 PM, Fabian Russell wrote: > GNU/Linux is perhaps the greatest computing achievement in the history > of the OS. It's a pile of stolen/cloned/borrowed ideas, free because it has to be. The beady-eyed hobbyists who coded it couldn't come up with anything original if their lives depended on it. > To all those dumb-fsck a$$holes who continue to declaim GNU/Linux > as being "hobbyist:" lick the stinking, spattered sh!t off your maggoty > toilet seat. > > GNU/Linux. The only choice of real men everywhere. where "real men" = fat, pasty, MS-hating geeks like Fabian Russell On Friday, January 29, 2016 at 9:15:34 PM UTC-5, Fabian...

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CNET: Microsoft gives Linux a virtual hug ,----[ Quote ] | After years of hoping to crush Linux, Microsoft is trying to show it can | get along with its open-source rival. `---- Microsoft H A T E S Linux. Don't let them fool you guys! The point when Microsoft facilitates interoperability is the point when it commits suicide. No-one will forget the FUD assaults (last one yesterday, from the Didio/Yankee puppet) as well as the character assassination ("GPL is cancer"). This also reminds me of Port 25 (headed by Hilf). First they argue that they love Linux, but later comes the...

[News] [Rival] Microsoft Falls, Likely to Miss Targets
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