[News] [Rival] Microsoft Zune Failed, Windows Mobile Just Renamed

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Microsoft's Zune Misstep Marks the Gadget Road Not Taken

,----[ Quote ]
| The Zune's failure sent the company down a 
| very different path than Apple's. Jobs & Co. 
| were able to use the iPod's success to launch 
| the iPhone, and now the iPad. Microsoft's 
| mobile OS has struggled against the mobile 
| operating system Apple uses, probably because 
| Redmond never had a cell phone of its own to 
| carry Windows Mobile as a follow-on product 
| to the Zune.


Microsoft Kills Windows Phone 7's Series

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft is not very confident about the 
| coolness of the name of its newest operating 
| system for mobile phones named Windows Phone 
| 7 Series. The coolest name would have been 
| WP7S! But Microsoft has decided to chop the 
| word 'series' from the 'Windows Phone 7 
| Series'. The phone will now be called Windows 
| Phone 7. 



Report: Microsoft Sued Over Zune Tagging


A Software Bug may Kill You

,----[ Quote ]
| In 1991, during the Gulf war, American
| Patriot missile was deployed to combat
| Iraqi scud missile. In one of the incident,
| Patriot missile missed the Scud and that
| resulted the death of 28 American soldiers
| and 100 others got injured. There was an
| arithmetic error during calculation which
| resulted inaccurate calculation since Boot.
| [...]
| Microsoft’s Zune player stopped working on
| December 31, 2008 because of a simple
| software bug. The software was written in
| such a way that it would never terminate if
| the year is leap year and the total number
| of days is 366.


Microsoft investigating disappearing music from Zune Pass

,----[ Quote ]
| According to a post on the Zune Forums, owners
| of the Zune Pass are having a bit of trouble
| accessing the music they're paying for with
| their subscription, as first reported by
| Engadget. In less than two weeks, the thread
| in question has passed 50 replies as users
| complain and list what they can no longer
| access: specific songs, entire albums, or even
| everything produced by an artist.

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