[News] [Rival] NHS Another Microsoft Failure Story? (Like LSE)

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Troubled £12bn NHS IT system to be scaled back

,----[ Quote ]
| The government is to scale back its £12bn NHS 
| IT system in what the Tories are calling a 
| "massive U-turn".
| Chancellor Alistair Darling said he would be 
| delaying parts of the scheme in Wednesday's 
| pre-Budget Report as it was "not essential to 
| the frontline". 



Ministers withhold draft report on NHS IT scheme

,----[ Quote ]
| Ministers are sitting on a draft annual statement to
| parliament on the costs and benefits so far of the £12.7bn
| programme to modernise NHS IT.
| Computer Weekly has learned that the Annual Benefits Statement
| for the National Programme for IT (NPfIT) was in draft form in
| November 2008. It has never been published.


Big IT projects fail. Open source can help

,----[ Quote ]
| The process for open-source companies is so fast because the
| prospects start using the software long before they contacted
| the vendor. On average, I'd put this pre-evaluation duration
| at three to six months.


NHS Gateway Reviews damn £13bn IT decisions

,----[ Quote ]
| Since the start of the programme the British Medical Association,
| representing doctors, has repeatedly questioned the systems being used and
| the management of suppliers.


A Different VistA for the NHS?

,----[ Quote ]
| As I noted earlier last year, the Open Health Tools Foundation mentioned
| above was actually co-founded by a group of organisations including NHS
| Connecting for Health. This latest move of DSS should strengthen the OHT
| Foundation enormously, and make VistA even more attractive to healthcare
| providers around the world - including the NHS. Could this be the straw that
| finally broke the proprietary camel's back in UK healthcare? What will be the
| NHS's, er, view?



NHS chief explains NPfIT delays

,----[ Quote ]
| The chief executive of the National Health Service has told MPs that
| complexity and customisation have been the main causes in delaying England's
| National Programme for IT.


NHS IT 'at least four years late'

,----[ Quote ]
| It will be at least 2014 - four years later than planned - before a single
| NHS electronic patient records system is in place in England, say auditors.


NHS IT loses its interim head

,----[ Quote ]
| The project threatens to be the world's largest ever public sector IT
| project. Provider Accenture withdrew from it in 2006 and another key partner,
| healthcare records provider iSoft, got stuck in a lengthy takeover battle
| before being bought by IBA in October 2007.
| The £12bn project is already running late and has struggled to win the hearts
| and minds of healthcare professionals.


UK Gov department's IT spend is £2 billion over budget

,----[ Quote ]
| THE DEPARTMENT for Work and Pensions has admitted the true cost over-runs of
| its IT projects.


Lawmaker blasts U.K. government on Microsoft policy

,----[ Quote ]
| "A member of Parliament of the United Kingdom has launched a stinging
| attack on the U.K. government's IT strategy, saying that it has given
| Microsoft too much control.
| John Pugh, who is a member of Parliament, or MP, for Southport and a
| member of the Public Accounts Committee, was speaking in an
| adjournment debate on Tuesday that he had called. The aim of the
| debate, he said, was to explore the alternatives to using Microsoft
| software, including open source."
| [...]


Interview with Richard M. Stallman

,----[ Quote ]
| It is important to know this because we will always face pressure, from those
| who are powerful and would like to take away our freedom, to surrender our
| freedom—and they frequently offer us something attractive in exchange. For
| instance, B’liar wanted to abolish the Rights of Englishmen, and to serve his
| American master, Bush, faithfully; so he offered Britons “protection” from
| this or that, plus the imagined idea that he influences his master on their
| behalf through the “special relationship”.


iSoft in critical condition as NHS trusts seek alternatives

,----[ Quote ]
| The government's vision of an integrated computer system for the
| NHS is coming apart at the seams as NHS trusts are to start looking
| for alternative IT suppliers, The Guardian reports.


Microsoft in the NHS

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft is one of the key technology firms in the £6.2 billion NHS
| IT programme. It is working particularly closely with iSOFT ...


Prescription for an I.T. Disaster?

,----[ Quote ]
| In 2002, the British government embarked on a $12 billion effort to
| transform its health-care system with information technology. But
| the country's oversight agency now puts that figure at $24 billion,
| and two Members of Parliament say the project is "sleepwalking
| toward disaster."


NHS computer boss failed IT exams

,----[ Quote ]
| Mary Granger is amazed that her son was put in charge of a £20bn
| project to transform the NHS's computer system. She is less
| surprised that his 'Connecting for Health' project is over-budget,
| behind schedule and threatening to become the biggest IT disaster
| in history.


NHS Scotland pools budget for Microsoft savings

,----[ Quote ]
| NHS National Services Scotland forecasts it will save up to £8m over
| three years from a new procurement deal with Microsoft


Accenture escapes £1bn penalty for NHS walk-out

,----[ Quote ]
| Accenture, the IT and consultancy firm has avoided huge penalty fees for
| withdrawing from the UK National Programme for IT (NPfIT).


Accenture: NHS failure is 'track record for success'

,----[ Quote ]
| After months of negotiations, Accenture handed contracts worth £2bn over
| to rival Computer Sciences Corporation after getting paid just £110m
| for spending a third of the allotted 10 years on the job. Its hand had
| been forced by losses of $450m it was set to make on the deal this
| year.


CfH refutes computer failure claims

,----[ Quote ]
| "Very often they are not major incidents as such, but could be caused when
| a patient administration system is running slow or there may be problems
| with the local network. The severity level is attributed by the user and
| this is subsequently very often down graded or amended."
| Many of the incidents that have been reported by CfH include failure of
| the systems used by surgeons to see X-ray pictures on a computer screen
| in wards and operating theatres. On some occasions the system is believed
| to have crashed during an operation, forcing surgeons to suspend the
| procedure while a hard copy of the X-ray is found.


NHS Direct all better

,----[ Quote ]
| NHS Direct is back online this afternoon after going on the sick
| with a server error earlier today.
| According to Netcraft, the Windows 2000 server at the bargain
| basement hypochondriac magnet modern, accessible public healthcare
| resource was rebooted today. See here.
| Whatever malady did for the box, it was "unexpected", as the message
| on the site explained for most of today.
| NHS Direct was unavailable for comment at time of writing.

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Microsoft Canada - Software - Advertising - Phones - IT - Cloud
Microsoft Canada is a world leader in software, services, partner resources and Internet technologies. Get product information, support, and ...

Free Microsoft Points - Free Microsoft Points
Get Free Microsoft Points, Free 1400 Microsoft Points, Free 2100 Microsoft Points codes emailed to you for Free. Yes, All for Free.

Microsoft Bob - Just a short, simple blog for Bob to share some tips and tricks.
Just a short, simple blog for Bob to share some tips and tricks.

Microsoft New England Research and Development Center
The Microsoft New England Research & Development Center is a research and software innovation campus located in the heart of Cambridge, Massachusetts. ...

Jobs at Microsoft - Explore Microsoft Jobs and Join our Talent Community - Apply for Microsoft Jobs Online ...
Search for Jobs at Microsoft here. Explore worldwide Microsoft jobs, including game design jobs, developer jobs, software sales jobs, marketing ...

Microsoft Cloud Partner - Home
... your existing Internal Use Right through June 2013 while you work towards earning Cloud Accelerate status. Note: If you intend to sell Microsoft ...

Microsoft Hohm Service Discontinuation
Microsoft-Hohm discontinuation message

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