[News] [Rival] Windows Vista Sales + Windows Vista Upgrades = Windows XP

Vista downgrading: What are your rights?

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| Talk about a catch 22. Did you know that in order to be allowed to downgrade 
| Vista to XP on a new computer, Microsoft expects you to have one of the more 
| expensive editions of Windows Vista that most OEMs don’t even put on their 
| machines. It’s true. Have a look at this official Microsoft one-sheet 
| explaining the intricacies of downgrading from Vista that’s come bundled with 
| a new PC.     
| You’d have to add $180 to the price of a Dell Inspiron 530 in order to have 
| the right to use XP instead of Vista. 


As Rex Ballard stressed many times, Microsoft is conveniently miscounting XP
('downgrades') as Vista sales. Everything to hype up Vista....


Windows Vista: Sold but not deployed

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| Microsoft says it remains happy with enterprise sales of Vista -- however, 
| the software behemoth acknowledges that many businesses which have bought 
| Vista licences are yet to deploy the software.  


Acer: PC industry 'disappointed' with Vista

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| Acer president Gianfranco Lanci became the first major PC manufacturer to 
| openly attack Microsoft over the Windows Vista operating system in the 
| Financial Times Deutschland on Monday.  
| Lanci said the operating system was riddled with problems and gave users and 
| businesses no reason to buy a new PC, according to the report. Taiwan-based 
| Acer is the world's fourth-largest PC manufacturer, after HP, Dell and 
| Lenovo. 
| "The whole industry is disappointed with Windows Vista," Lanci said. 

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