[News] User Has Had Enough of Apple; Migration from Mac OS X to... GNU/Linux

Switching From Mac To Linux

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| The straw that broke the camel's back was the release of iTunes 7. I
| excitedly downloaded it, reading up on some of the new features. There
| wasn't much of interest for me, but who can resist a major update of a
| killer application? I turned on L7's "Smell The Magic" and began to
| check out the new interface.
| Revolting! The playlist panel was suddenly clunky, chopped into three
| chunks of ugliness. The "new" Coverflow interfaces made me think of
| Windows Media Player. This wasn't iTunes... it was a travesty! To add
| insult to injury, I noticed it had become sluggish, even on a G5.
| [...]
| My first mission was to eliminate Windows XP as quickly as possible. Even
| if my computing world had been turned upside down, Windows hadn't become
| any more appealing. Does anybody actually take XP seriously anymore?
| The interface is about as fun as programming a VCR. A good interface
| along with solid, intuitive design is still one of the most important
| things for an operating system, something Microsoft has never even
| attempted.
| The search for a suitable Linux distribution began. Which distro would
| best suit a Mac user? Besides a rainy day installation several few years
| ago, I had never used Linux. I knew a few Terminal commands that were
| essential for OSX during its growing pains, but I didn't even knowt
| he basics. I was sailing into uncharted waters, but found it quite fun.
| [...]
| And, as a side note, this write-up is pretty critical of Apple. I'm
| definitely not against Apple. OSX is one of the best operating systems
| known to man, I still use my iPod, and they make some damn sexy hardware.
| But I've realized that my devotion to them is more out of habit these
| days, and I would encourage any devotee to examine their true feelings.

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