[News] Why Palm's Linux-based Foleo Has Room in Today's Market

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OK Palm, We're Ready for the Foleo Now

,----[ Quote ]
| Ok, back to the imagining: Your mobile 
| computer is great, but sadly the keyboard and 
| screen aren't that great for long form 
| typing. Sure, you can tweet your tweets, book 
| your face, and SMS your SMSers -- but even a 
| moderate length email starts to get annoying. 
| If only there were a way to get your pocket 
| sized computer onto a docking station. A 
| docking station with a battery. And a screen. 
| And a real keyboard. Just like the Palm Foleo 
| almost was!
| I'm not suggesting the Foleo should exist in 
| its original form. I'm suggesting Palm (or 
| Nokia?) design a sheath for their mobile 
| computers that could replace a netbook. 
| Really, do you ever have a netbook somewhere 
| you don't have your cellphone? Of course not. 
| Just think about the advantages a Foleo-like 
| device could offer the mobile geek:
|     * A huge battery to charge the phone 
|     while "docked."
|     * A big screen. Even if a similar 
|     resolution, bigger pixels.
|     * A keyboard as opposed to a thumbboard.



Palm Foleo: Not such a dumb concept after all?

,----[ Quote ]
| If the sudden rush into subnotebooks by major PC vendors is any indication, 
| it's worth considering whether Palm's Foleo wasn't such a lame idea. 
| Photos of a subnotebook from Hewlett-Packard, reportedly called the HP Compaq 
| 2133, showed up on the Web recently. And another major PC vendor, Acer, is 
| also rumored to be entering the subnotebook fray sometime soon.   
| [...]
| Not coincidentally, the impetus for HP's experimentation in this category was 
| its concern over the very low price tag Asus was able to stick on the Eee PC. 
| Selling the mini-notebook at $399, even if it's a secondary PC and runs 
| Linux, gives it a serious chance to further chip away at the 
| already-declining average selling prices for notebook PCs. (The 2133 from HP 
| will have an entry level model priced at $499, and will have a Via processor, 
| we're told.)      



Palm Says Foleo 2 Still on Track

,----[ Quote ]
| Palm FoleoAccording to the Wireless Week industry trade journal, a new 
| version of the cancelled Foleo Mobile Companion running on Palm's 
| next-generation Linux OS is still very much in Palm’s future product plans...  


Palm Looking For Linux Developers

,----[ Quote ]
| The success of the 2.5-pound device — which turns on and off instantly, touts 
| an easy-to-use interface and promises five hours of battery life — could 
| depend on how programmers react to it this week at the LinuxWorld conference 
| in San Francisco.   


Palm Foleo with Linux threatens the Laptop

,----[ Quote ]
| The Palm Foleo is joining a list of MID (Mobile Internet Devices) like the 
| Nokia N800 and Asus Eee that use a lightweight version of Linux but the main 
| advantage of the Foleo is its instant on feature.  While traditional “Linux” 
| may be too difficult for the average user to handle, these highly integrated 
| implementations of Linux have no problem being adopted by the masses.  That 
| could pose a problem for Microsoft in the long run if these devices ever get 
| widespread adoption.       


Palm Foleo First Thoughts

,----[ Quote ]
| If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video should be worth a 
| whole volume. That's why Brian Beeler and I recorded a brief video 
| overview of the Foleo, which will hopefully give you a better idea of 
| what it will be like to use the first mobile companion yourself.


Pair of Palm ISVs promise Foleo ports

,----[ Quote ]
| Two ISVs (independent software vendors) have announced plans to port 
| their commercial applications to Palm's forthcoming Linux- and 
| ARM-based miniature laptop. 


Live from LinuxWorld: the Palm Foleo

,----[ Quote ]
| Currently, developers can build apps for the device by signing up with the 
| Palm Developer Network; one of the guys at the stand told me that a free SDK 
| should be available later on. Unfortunately, the Palm folks haven’t built an 
| X server for the machine yet, so porting graphical programs could be out the 
| question. That said, with only 128MB RAM, you wouldn’t want to be running 
| OpenOffice.org on this thing anyway...     


Palm Foleo: the exclusive first and final hands-on

,----[ Quote ]
| The irony is so thick we're almost drowning in it, but we had to see this 
| thing through to the end. 

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