[News] Windows Users Make Their O/S More Like Linux, But It's No Linux

Seeking a little Linux? Try Blackbox

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| What else do I get with Blackbox? In addition to the memory savings, I get a 
| cleaner, simpler interface reminiscent of Linux, the free, open-source 
| operating system. The style that I chose, "mourn-blue," is a restful 
| dark-grayish-blue, with a narrow task bar at the top of the page.   
| [...]
| So far, I'm enjoying the streamlined interface, the Linux-like multiple 
| Desktops, and the overall minimalist appearance. I may decide to go all the 
| way and install it to boot up into Blackbox every time.  


BSODs are part of blackbox however. Nothing beats an elegant kernel and base.

Linux: Sanitizing block_device_operations

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| "It's time to sanitize prototypes of bdev ->open(), ->release() 
| and ->ioctl()," Al Viro began in an RFC posted to the Linux Kernel mailing 
| list...


Sound like minor fixes. By contract, Vista has some very major scheduler issues
(among many others).

Only yesterday:

Those Dang DPCs Clogging the MMCSS [or "Why Vista Scheduling is Broken"]

,----[ Quote ]
| Critical optimizations such as zero-copy aside, there is no excusable reason 
| why processing IP packets should so damagingly affect the system.  
| [...]
| Putting aside the larger problem for the moment, there are several issues 
| with this solution. It prioritizes multimedia playback over networking 
| performance, which, as the resulting clamor has shown, is not everyone's 
| personal policy preference. It is almost assuredly a layering violation. It 
| picks a fixed and hard-coded packet limit (ten per millisecond), which won't 
| scale across different hardware—think significantly faster processors or 
| substantially slower networking drivers. It ignores the commonality of GigE. 
| And, finally, the solution is complicated, as the convoluted description and 
| resulting bugs in the implementation demonstrate.        

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