All This Just To Get 3D Working Properly? Linux Wastes Your Time Like No Other Operating System.

I already posted a question before but I didn't really get any 
advice/help. I'll be a bit more brief/general in hope it'll help.

I have an MSI HD 7850 with the Catalyst 12.4 drivers installed. I've 
found that I'm having bad 3D performance for some reason but I'm not 
entirely sure what. I suspect it may just that the graphics card is new 
and AMD just need to work on their drivers but it would be nice to get 
advice and narrow the problem down so that I can be sure rather than 
wait for driver updates that may not even help.

I ran gxlgears to give some general idea of how bad the performance is. 
At default size it is averaging around 2000 FPS. The command glxinfo 
confirms the renderer is using AMD Radeon HD 7800 Series with OpenGL 
version 4.2.

Edits below:

As asked for others:

lspci -v output is here.
fglrxinfo output is here
xvinfo output is here
glxinfo | grep rendering says yes for direct rendering.

These confirmed that everything was configured correctly.

Within Unity and Gnome Classic:
glxgears had an FPS of around 2000 FPS
fgl_glxgears had an FPS of around 544 FPS

Within LDXE:
glxgears had an FPS of around 4600 FPS
fgl_glxgears had an FPS of around 1600 FPS

In the end it was discovered that Compiz was causing a large performance 
decrease and solution was simply to change window manager for the time 
being. Thanks to TechZilla for all his help!

But we are constantly being told how superior Compiz and Linux's GUI 
compared to that of Windows. This person must be lying.

5/28/2012 10:53:58 PM
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