How does Wordpad "read" font Code page 437? (CP437, OEM font)

  How does wordpad "read" font Code page 437?  (CP437, OEM font)

I copied and pasted some of the box drawing characters, and
mathematical symbols from the below URL into Wordpad, and it
worked!  Saved, still ok.  

I thought this old "font" had been lost.
How do they do that?    

I also changed the font to
arial,  Courier new,  Times New Roman,
Webdings, and others, and they still
showed as box drawing characters, etc,
(but they showed as these named fonts in Wordpad).
In short, they kinda act like the old MSDOS machines
or MS-DOS edit.

Normally in Win, the high bit ASCII characters do NOT
show the CP437 "font".  For example, character 186
in Win looks like the degree symbol, not the double-
line box vertical symbol.

Does anybody know how CP437 is encoded into Wordpad?
Can it be accessed and used like just another font?       

Code page 437

IBM PC or MS-DOS code page 437, often abbreviated CP437 and also
known as, DOS-US, OEM-US or sometimes misleadingly referred to as
the OEM font, High ASCII or Extended ASCII, is the original
character set of the IBM PC, circa 1981.    

In a more strict sense, this character set was not born as a real
code page (in its present sense) but being merely the graphical
glyph repertorie available in the ROM of the IBM Monochrome
Display Adapter (MDA) and Color Graphics Adapter (CGA) video
output cards of the original IBM PC; that is, it was implemented
on hardware. The expression "Original Equipment Manufacturer"
(OEM) arises from this fact.

 Today, is still the primary font in the core of any EGA and VGA
compatible graphic card, i.e. the text you can see on screen when
a PC reboots is rendered with this code page.


In DOS and Windows, most characters from the currently active DOS
code page can be inserted by holding down the Alt key and
entering the character's three-digit decimal code on the numpad.
This technique is called Windows Alt keycodes. One can find out
which DOS code page is currently active by issuing the DOS
command mode con or chcp.

 Difference from ASCII

CP437 is based on ASCII, with the following modifications:

    * The C0 control range (00h�1Fh in hex) is mapped to graphics
characters. The codes can assume their original function as
controls, but when placed in display RAM and then viewed in text
mode, for example in a screen editor like MS-DOS edit, they show
as graphics. The graphics are various, such as smiling faces,
card suits and musical notes. Code 127 (7Fh), DEL, similarly
shows as a graphic (a house).

    * The high-bit range, 128 to 255 (80h�FFh), is mapped to
various symbols: a few European characters (accented Latin
vowels, etc) in no particular order and not sufficient for
representation of most Western European languages, box drawing
characters, mathematical symbols and a few Greek letters commonly
used in mathematics and physics......


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