Linux, like Brazil, is the 'OS of the future', yet needs Windows?!

Brazil has been called the "country of the future" (for the past half
century)--and note the comparison with LInux.  And Linux needs Windows
says Shuttleworth.

I like how Ubuntu associates itself with Apple--a case of wishful


Ubuntu founder urges Linux desktop to rival Apple
Shuttleworth also cites need for new business models to fund free

By Paul Krill
July 23, 2008  Talkback   E-mail   Printer Friendly   Reprints

Ubuntu Linux Founder Mark Shuttleworth urged development of a Linux
desktop to rival what Apple has done in this space and aired a vision
of software changing the world.

Shuttleworth, speaking at the O'Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON)
in Portland, Ore., on Tuesday evening, also urged development of a new
revenue model to fund free software and set his sights on a services-
based mechanism for this.  He also stressed the importance of
interoperability with Windows.

Linux, Shuttleworth said, must link up with Windows.  He stressed his
belief that "Linux is the platform of the future. But I think it=92s
essential that we learn how to work with Windows."

Extensible software must work across both platforms, said
raylopez99 (937)
7/23/2008 8:32:01 PM
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