Microsoft: 'Kin not a Microsoft phone'


I guess they once again found a few idiots that want to build the 
phones AND take the risk if they flop.

I don't understand them being utterly blind to the fact that Microsoft 
always wins with this model: if the phone is a hit THEY benefit, but if 
it flops they'll just shrug and'll say: 'better luck next time.' But 
the manufacturer takes the HIT and is left with thousands if not 
millions of phones they'll have to sell at a loss.

After Zune flopped Microsoft couldn't find anyone that wanted to build 
the phones and sell them under their own brand name. Instead Microsoft 
had to turn to OEM manufacturers to churn out the Zunes for them. 
However, if Zune flops it's MICROSOFT who will be bleeding, not the 
OEM's. Needless to say, it now looks like Zune will be going the way of 
the dodo since M$ lost tens of millions selling them.

I'd have thought that the same thing would happen to the 'Pink' (gay) 
phone, but I guess the idiots still willing to make them will need one 
more costly flop to convince them this is a bad rap for them.

4/16/2010 1:40:43 AM
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