Open Source XML SQL Database and application server

I have been working on a number of open source projects. Those of you who
know who I am probably know which ones.

Anyway, I have had languishing in the office an application server code
base. It is the foundation of a number of products that I sell. (actually
give away, but sell the services around).

Anyway, I've been playing with SQLite recently as possibly the solution to a
contract request to bring some of my server programs to the desktop
(Windows, Mac, and maybe Linux).

In creating a SQL driver for my code base for SQLite, I suddenly realize
that a number of my open source projects become a little bit more cool.

For instance, I wrote an HTTP/XML server for PostgreSQL and ODBC. When I
finish the SQLite driver, I realize I will have a fully stand-alone SQL/XML
engine. Sort of cool.

I have another project which is an XML/HTTP application server on which the
above project is based. The difference is that the application server is
completely modular and the SQL module is simply one of a bunch of drivers.
Having an embedded SQL system would be cool.

Lastly, I have a caching session server for websites. One of the
serialization modules allows the cache to write the session data to an SQL
database. While this is targeted for PostgreSQL and ODBC (through the
standard drivers), the SQLite driver will actually give the system
self-contained ACID conformance. Which is cool.

While I still have a bit of work to do, it looks like open source rules!
mlw (2191)
11/13/2004 4:51:36 PM
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