Ubuntu Lurid crapware: "if it works, you're one of the lucky ones... don't make any changes whatsoever"

"If you have a machine that Ubuntu 10.04 actually works on, then you 
should get plenty of use out of it, congrats, you are one of the lucky 
ones, just whatever you do, don't change any hardware or anything else 
without first backing up everything on any and all partitions and OS'es 
installed on said computer.

If Ubuntu won't work on your machine...well...try all the fixes if you 
want, or read the thousands of posts on the subject and come to the 
conscious decision to try something else, plenty more Linux OS'es out 
there. But this one is hit-or-miss for now."

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"hit or miss for now"?   Who deluded you with hobbyware hope?

It's hit or miss forever.

9/19/2010 5:00:35 AM
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