Xn invites review, tryout or simply any idea.

Xn project (version 0.04) is released.

Xn project tries to develop a three-in-one 'language'. Xn is capable
of almost all kinds of data storage, communication, even executable
scripts. Applicable cases are therefore very general. Take a larger
imaginable one as example, an AI-network (even alive) can't be far
away. But all the important thing is that Xn is itself simple. Most
usecases, not so ambitious, various average programming tasks or
tools can use Xn to shorten their development time.

This short period of release time (3-weeks) has shown that the
implement (basic Xn parsing) is not a big job. The big thing is idea.
Xn is published in Fair Public Domain(convention). Any programming
language can implement it easily or tryout and share your better idea.

The purpose, except populate this project, is seeking for suggestions,
ideas, information or web-links to avoid err-and-try and make better
future decision. For instance, I don't know Qt very well, but feel Xn
can be made to produce Qt widget easily; And not really knowing any
real parallel computation, but feels it should be simple with Xn...
may be just try to find out the proper next step from you.
4/12/2016 4:58:47 PM
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