IHN33 the "LINUX" boat,a work in progress...

I am not sure this is the right place to write but i haven't find anytihing
better, so i apologize in advance for the disturb....if y could be so kind
to forward this to the right person, i'd be very grateful...

as the idea is developing in a nice project, i'd like to let y know that on
the general philosophy of Linux we had an idea in the only italian newsgroup
dedicated to nautical themes it.hobby.nautica.

We are trying to develope a fresh idea for a sail boat, a fast cruiser in
the very difficult 33 feet range ( so the name IHN 33 from It.Hobby.
Nautica), starting from the scratch, with the free contribute of people
frequenting our virtual dock...something as the famous stone soup story...
here we have the link to our embryonal project, unlucky, as for now, still
in italian.


last evolution ( for now..the problem is that we all have to work,
are seen were there is written " progetti"

Last ideas are at the bottom

obviosly we'd be glad y could take a look and say hallo, as well as giving
your personal contribute or impressions, positive or negative as well.

We understand it is just a beginning, so be patient and propositive, if y

y can leave it here
http://web.tiscali.it/ihn33/ in the forum or the guestbook....

or in the newsgroup

it.hobby. nautica.

everyone is invited!!

thanks again for your patience.

10/21/2003 5:36:14 PM
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