problems with running SAINT (invalid key file) problems with running SAINT (invalid key file) problems with running SAINT (invalid key file) problems with running SAINT (invalid key file)


I downloaded Free Trial version of SAINT program.
I have got two computers connected via net adapter.
I set their IP's to and
(Mandrake 9.0 both).
These are numbers I typed when requested
during downloading.
Next I installed the program according to instructions present on your
Website. Installation was completed successfully.
Downloaded saint.key and IP numbers in the file agree with
those typed. Copied it to saint-5.1.3 directory.
Now, when I try to scan one of the computers following message shows

'Warning: Invalid Targets
There was 1 invalid target which was not scanned. Check your key file.
See the console window for further details.'

I went to console and here's what I see:

'SAINT is starting up...
bin/dns.saint: Failed. Invalid key file (saint.key)
bin/adore.saint: Failed. Invalid key file (saint.key)
bin/ostype.saint: Failed. Invalid key file (saint.key)'

It seems as though some of the tools were running (e.g. fping) while
for others (starting from dns) the key is incorrect.

Then I downloaded installation file again.
I got another key. Contents of both keys are the same although sizes
of installation files are different. Is this all right?.
Program is still not working (messages are exactly the same).
libc version is certainly correct. I use Mandrake 9.0
with libc 2.2.5.

Thank you for help.
lojurk (6)
12/30/2003 4:10:51 PM
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