configuration tor and privoxy please help me

Hello to all sorts. I know it was discussed in other threads but reading th=
em I could not find anyone who has this problem: I downloaded tor browser, =
and works well. I wanted to configure privoxy, I configured. Now my problem=
 is that tor and privoxy work well together, but only for certain sites (I =
managed to open the pages of wikipedia, you tube, and a few others). I can =
do research through Google or DuckDuckGo, but many times the pages do not o=
pen (both .onion that normal web pages) and Firefox (torBrowser) says "UNAB=
LE TO FIND THE PROXY SERVER", but I rather the configuration I made it.=20
In fact, the thing that leaves me very puzzled is that for some web pages d=
oes not give me this error and other yes ... What will change? Please if an=
yone has the same problem answer me .. thanks a lot.
6/11/2016 10:16:28 AM
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