VLC and Proxy Issue

Hello, all.  My issue with subject is not the usual one of getting VLC 
to use a proxy for streaming.  Rather, it's to find out what's causing 
VLC to start an installed proxy server (Tinyproxy) every time the 
"Icecast Radio Directory" is clicked on.  The Icecast directory is 
always obtained even though the platform is not using a proxy and 
clicking on a directory entry will stream the audio from that source 
without a problem.

I use Tinyproxy for those situations when I occasionally have the laptop 
platform (Fedora 22) on another network.  There's nothing in the VLC 
preferences, "simple" or "advanced" that has been changed from the 
defaults for any proxy server.  So I'm mystified as to why Tinyproxy 
keeps getting started (but only when the Icecast directory is queried). 
Thanks for your time and comment.  Sincerely,
J. B. Wood	            e-mail: arl_123234@hotmail.com
7/12/2016 2:40:00 PM
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