1. Redhat linux 7.2 issue 2. Redhat enterprise linux issue

Hi --
 I have two issues I need your help on,

1. We have a redhat linux 7.2 on a pentium-3 machine with 256MB RAM.
It is in a LAN that has multiple redhat linux 9.0, redhat enterprise
linux servers, solaris,etc.. I configured NIS and made this client
part of it.
The user home areas are automounted. So on a redhat 9 system when a
user logs in, the user goes to his home directory by default. But when
I logon the console of 7.2, I get a message that 'home not found,
hence logging with / as the home'. I gave this a fix by asking the
user to login as root on the machine and doing a su - $username.
Surprisingly that takes him to the home by default.

One more issue I found with this is that when I telnet or rlogin to
this host, it doesn't login any user, but I am able to telnet / rlogin
to the other hosts from this. Is there some setting I missed? I have
made all the changes that an NIS client needs. Infact, when I loaded
redhat linux 7.2 on a pentium4  system to replicate the problem, I had
other issues with drivers, etc.
Pls let me know how to fix this.

2. We have a RHEL 3.0 loaded on an IBM e325server that has USB mouse
and Keyboard. When I loaded 3.0 the loading used to hang after
complaining about anaconda startup. I realised it was a USB port issue
and hence removed kbd and mouse just after powering the server UP.
After anaconda starts and the GUI comes, I connected the kbd and
mouse...I dint get the error at this time and it loaded well. But the
issue is it sensed the keyboard and dint sense the mouse. How do I
make the server sense the mouse?
Redhat gives very bad support, I have complained to them thrice
already and there was no reply yet. I even opened a ticket and it is
just lying idle without any support.

Hope one of you can help.

8/26/2004 10:02:15 AM
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