"Can't find CD, insert additional driver floppy". But, it's booted from CD!

I'm trying to install Mandrake 10.1 into a system built around a
Pentium 4 on an Asus P4C800-E motherboard. I have two SATA drives and
intend to dual boot, one drive for Windows and one for Linux. I have
Mandrake Linux 10 installed on one drive, and Windows XP Pro on the
The installation CD will boot and ask me to select how I want to
install. I select to run the install with the default graphical
The installer tells me "No CDROM device found" (I have to press OK).
(I mutter "You just booted from it! How can you not find it!?!")
"Please insert the additional drivers CD". 

"The what?" 

OK� what gives?
(I am newbie to the max, if you havn't guessed.)
3/31/2005 3:27:10 PM
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Ok, welcome to this particular weirdness - it freaked me out too.
Booting from a CD is like booting from a floppy - the BIOS finds the
first few sectors of the CD and reads what's there. Once the kernel has
loaded from the CD, it's a whole new ball game. Although the BIOS
booted from the CD, and knows it's there, Linux doesn't. Yet.

Sadly I don't know Mandrake at all (I use Debian, and have used RedHat
and Slackware), but most distributions have an "expert mode" for the
installer, which will allow you to tell it what hardware you have. If
you can run the installer in this expert mode, and tell it you have an
Intel ICH5R, it should then find all your attached CD-ROM and hard

I'm sorry if that's not terribly helpful ...


4/1/2005 1:31:19 PM
I am still having problems, but have narrowed it down quite a bit. I
can install Mandrake 10.0 from CD ROM disks (read by the DVD) fine. 
If I try to install 10.1 from DVD the install hangs with read errors
on the DVD while trying to load the ramdisk for stage2. 

The same DVD installs properly on my laptop, and a second DVD from a
second image file has exactly the same symptoms. 

I think (from looking at the installation messages) that the
installation program thinks it is reading a CD rather than a DVD, and
further suspect this is causing the failure� perhaps there are
different ramdisk images on the DVD than what is expected?

I am wondering if it is possible to put the decompressed DVD image on
a USB hard drive and install from there? (Reasoning: Perhaps 10.1 is
identifying my DVD as a CDROM, but would correctly work from a USB
HD?). I don't know how to "burn" an image file to hard drive. Nero
does not give this as an option. 

I suspect it should be possible to format the HD, make it bootable,
and just copy the files over. It would seem that this would have to be
done from Linux, since I suspect the installer will want a Linux file
system (true?).
I do have a working Linux 10.0 system and a working Windows system,
but am quite new to Linux. 

If I had a different DVD reader I'd try that first.

4/5/2005 6:47:20 PM

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