Not a valid block device when trying to mount NTFS partition

I've recently switched back to Debian after having using Fedora Core 2
for a while. I have Debian (testing) installed on a second hard drive
in my PC, with a working Windows XP installation on my first hard
drive. Under Debian, I cannot mount the NTFS partition at all; Fedora
never had a problem with it.

Here is my FSTAB entry:

/dev/hda1       /mnt/winxp      ntfs    defaults,ro,user,umask=222 0 0

When I try to mount it (even as root), I get the following message:

mount: /dev/hda1 is not a valid block device

I know that the drive works, because I can boot into Windows without a
problem from GRUB. Debian's kernel ships with NTFS support as a
module, which I have verified as being loaded. Does anyone have any
advice for me? Any help is appreciated.


10/16/2004 8:49:09 PM
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