KDE clock - 24-hour display

Is it possible to set KDE's toolbar clock to a 24-hour display mode a.k.a.
military time? I looked for settings of that ilk in both the "Adjust Date
and Time..." and "Configure Clock..." dialogs and came up nada.

Linux newbie in Louisville, KY

jseale18 (8)
7/8/2005 7:12:14 PM
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Jeff Seale wrote:

> Is it possible to set KDE's toolbar clock to a 24-hour display mode
> a.k.a. military time? I looked for settings of that ilk in both the
> "Adjust Date and Time..." and "Configure Clock..." dialogs and came up

Right click on the KDE clock;

Date & Time Format---> Date & Times Tab--> Time Format

choose HH:MM:SS

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