Vertical Tabs on Tab Control?

Hi Folks:

    I've used conventional horizontal tabs on one application.

    Now I'd like to have a row of tabs, representing each
letter of the alphabet, running down the right side of a
tab control.

    These are owner drawn tabs.

    I have questions.

    I want a single line of alphabet tabs.  If the control
shrinks to too small to show all of the tabs, I'd like them
to display a ragged edge, and arrows in order to scroll them.
Instead, multiple lines of tabs are drawn.  The Resource
Editor's "Tab Control Properties" window has "Multiline"
unchecked.  Is there a method to do what I want?

    In my horizontal tab in a different dialog, the bottom
of the selected tab is drawn without a line, to suggest it's
the same "Piece of Paper" that the content's of the tab are
on.  This tab control's selected vertical tab is drawn with
a line separating it from the tab's contents.  Can I make
this separating line go away, so it looks like it's on the
same piece of paper?  The tab is drawn larger, to indicate
that it is selected.

    I've see tabs tat are shapes other than the rectangles
I see in these tabs controls.  The "Owner Drawn Fixed"
checkbox allows me to draw the tab contents but the tab
shapes are still simple rectangles.  This is Ok, but I'd
like to know if there is a way to draw thee tabs with a
different shape.

    I'm guessing that some of the fancy tabs I've seen in
other applications have custom built controls that behave
like tabs.  But I'd like to go as far as I can with the
controls provided by the API.

    In the Resource Editor's "Tab Control Properties" I've
specified the following:

      Right Justify
      Focus Default
      Owner Draw Fixed
      Hot Track
      Bottom    - To display tabs on Right side instead of left.

11/10/2006 4:54:44 PM
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