History: Peter Lipman

This man is mentioned as one of the technical leaders (in addition to
Cutler and Hustvedt) of the original VMS project.  From a quick
search, there doesn't seem to be awfully lot of information in the net 
about his work on the system, however. 

A couple of references:


  > BTW a section about the VMS 20th anniversary mentions 
  > Peter Lipmanns work with VMS. 

  > That name is new to me. Does anyone have some details ? 

  >                                             Arne 

  First off it was Peter Lipman  (only one N) according to the listings. 
  From the looks of it he did most all of the memory management stuff, 
  and the original image activator. 


  Andy Goldstein <Goldst...@star.zko.dec.youknowwhere> writes:

  > The memory management code was written by Peter Lipman. Peter was 
  > well aware of how performance-critical the page fault code would 
  > be, so it's devilishly tight. It's still there on the VAX. One of 
  > the reasons it's held up so well is very few people had the 
  > courage to go near it. 

  Yeah, that's exactly the impression I got. Did he alos write the 
  parts of the linker that finally got revamped (more like rewritten, 
  I'd guess) for the Alpha port?

Has anyone got any interesting information about his contributions?

miputkon (22)
2/4/2007 1:58:23 PM
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Mikko Putkonen wrote:


> Has anyone got any interesting information about his contributions?

My dimming memory may be confusing Peter with someone else, but I think 
he (at least for a time) described himself as DEC's 'technical gadfly' - 
sort of an engineer-at-large looking into interesting things that DEC 
might find it worthwhile to investigate further.

My recollection is that in the mid-to-late '70s he was considered one of 
the top technical people in the company, but it doesn't surprise me that 
he seems to have stepped into coding harness to help get VMS out the 
door (that's what such people did when they were needed for something 
that important).

Too bad Andy doesn't contribute here - I'm sure he'd have far more (and 
solider) contributions to make on this subject.  I was new to DEC then, 
and just was kind of vaguely aware that Peter (and a handful of others 
like him) gave credence to the idea that DEC really did have a technical 
career path fully comparable to its managerial one.

- bill
billtodd (1464)
2/4/2007 3:17:37 PM
I'm Peter Lipman's son Ethan Lipman and I'm grateful to see him fondly remembered as an expert in this way. I recently had the honor of caring for him until liver disease got the best of him.

I would like to follow up my eulogy and pay tribute to my father with a proper obituary.

I have his linkedin job history http://www.linkedin.com/in/peterlipman and this discussion.

For a time, my father worked under Dave Cutler @ DEC back in Maynard MA who I have never been in touch with. I'm friendly with Jim Bell @ HP, and I bet he and other former colleagues of my father's could connect us.

Dave's wiki page does mention my father: (and mis-spells his last name) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dave_Cutler

Ethan Lipman
Please be in touch if you'd like to help peace this all together
12/2/2014 2:54:47 AM