Linux users have to install by pushing floppy after floppy into drive says MICROS~1 #2

Leading Hosted Service Provider Deploys Windows-based Hosting
Solutions Faster than Linux-based Solutions

case study Posted: September 15, 2003

"Automated Deployment Services (ADS)�a powerful new server purposing
tool in Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition"

"Business managers at EV1 Servers.net knew that there was a demand for
a Microsoft Windows-based hosted service offering"

"Executives at the company were well aware that customers were making
inquiries about purchasing dedicated hosting services built on the
Microsoft� Windows� operating system"

"EV1 Servers.net personnel knew how to deploy a Linux-based server
quickly. They had script-filled floppies ready to go, and on a
moment's notice they could slip a floppy into a bare Dell PowerEdge
1600SC and walk away"

"By pushing floppy after floppy into the drive of a bare metal server,
EV1 Servers.net's data center team could easily meet the demand for
1,000 new servers per week"

"Unless they could find a way to bring that level of automation to the
deployment of a Windows-based server, they saw no way to meet a
similar level of demand for Windows-based hosting services"

"With the Microsoft Solution for Windows-based Hosting, EV1
Servers.net personnel would not even have to go from machine to
machine inserting floppies"

"ADS made it possible to deploy a server running Microsoft Windows
Server 2003 with Internet Information Services 6.0 and Ensim
WEBppliance Pro in a mere 18 minutes".

Furthermore, this process was completely automated. Deploying the same
server running Linux and Ensim WEBppliance 3.1 took nearly 45 minutes
and still required manual intervention for each server"


Dear boss of EV1,
If you let us cite you as proof of a business running lower TCO we
will give you Windows licenses for free. Please 'purchase' an SCO
license so we can trash Open Source some more.<end>

and pigs will fly .. and shit sells .. well the last bit is true at
least :)
doug_mentohl (470)
3/3/2004 1:06:44 PM
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