Odd problem MAIL and DECW$MAIL (sequential MAIL.MAI)

Alpha VMS 8.3

(ok, in fairness, this is after a disk problem, but bear with me !)

My DECW$MAIL profile has 5 drawers. 3 of them point to other user's 
MAIL.MAI files. This worked fine for some time.

Now, one of those user's mail files behaves badly.

DOuble clicking on that drawer yields NOTHING.
Right Click on the folder followed by "open in new window" crashes DEC$WINDOWS.

 From character cell mail, I can set file USRDIR:[user]MAIL.MAI  and then 
perform DIR, read, and even delete with success. HOWEVER, DELETE takes a 
long time to complete but does complete. I can send emails to that user 
without problem and they do appear.

But low and behold:

MAIL.MAI;1                    File ID:  (1385,14,4)
Size:           48/54         Owner:    [MODERATE,MTAI_REQUEST]
Created:    11-DEC-2006 07:36:18.19
Revised:    18-DEC-2006 06:40:56.00 (82)
Expires:    <None specified>
Backup:     <No backup recorded>
Effective:  <None specified>
Recording:  <None specified>
Accessed:   <None specified>
Attributes: <None specified>
Modified:   <None specified>
Linkcount:  1
File organization:  Sequential
Shelved state:      Online
Caching attribute:  Writethrough
File attributes:    Allocation: 54, Extend: 0, Global buffer count: 0
                     Version limit: 2
Record format:      Variable length, maximum 2048 bytes, longest 186 bytes
Record attributes:  None
RMS attributes:     None
Journaling enabled: None
File protection:    System:RWED, Owner:RW, Group:, World:
Access Cntrl List:  None
Client attributes:  None

Total of 1 file, 48/54 blocks.

SEQUENTIAL ?????  My disk problems happened on the 14th very early AM. What 
could have caused that file to be recreated and become sequential on the 
11th of december ?

The contents are also odd. If I edit the file with TPU, I get perfectly 
readable text without any junk characters. Truly a text file. (and the 
contents match what should be in there). But if I TYPE the file, it comes 
out as a big glob of text without any line termination. (probably due to 
lack of RAT=CR in the file definition).

Anyhow, DECW$MAIL should be fixed so it doesn't crash when you try to open 
such a file in new window, and issue a warning of sequenial file format 
when double clicking on it).
12/18/2006 11:47:20 AM
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