Re: SYS$STARTUP:MMOV$STARTUP.COM -- lacks something (priority) #2

From: hoff@hp.nospam (Hoff Hoffman)

>   I've passed this along to one of the engineers familiar with the MMOV
>   product for his consideration -- though if you require a fix for this,
>   please contact the support center directly.  (I can't commit to having
>   this fixed, release of an ECO kit, etc.)

   I'm just a (peon) hobbyist, so formal support is generally not an
option.  My fixes (commenting out the troublesome F$CONTEXT() for
shutdown, and adding a suitable /PRIORITY qualifier for startup) seem
satisfactory, so I'm happy enough, at least on these problems.  I just
posted these reports to see if anyone else had any better ideas, and to
report the problems (informally), so thanks for passing them along.

   I'd have to check my list more carefully, but it may be that my only
other pending complaint is the one where DIR /PAGE looks different when
connected by SET HOST versus RSH/RLOGIN.

   I _could_ use some hardware documentation for my broken XP1000, and
more info than the help provides on the console commands for my "new"
PWS 500a (like "memtest"), but my hopes are not as high as they once


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2/18/2004 10:30:02 PM
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