At 03:10 PM 8/19/2005, Peter 'EPLAN' LANGSTOEGER wrote:
>In article <>, Dan 
>O'Reilly <dano@process.com> writes:
> >Peter -
> >
> >At this time, you can't use Kerberos V2.1-72 on a TCPware system, so you'll
> >have to regress back to the previous version (2.0-6).  We're working on
> >getting an ECO together to allow this, but it will be at least a week or 
> two,
> >if not longer.
>Ok. In the meantime I found out that I already had this problem in Feb 2005
>and solved it by stepping back to V2.0-6 in Mar 2005 (and shame on me, I
>forgot it - over my holidays - but could now remember after I checked the
>PCSI history and the installation logfiles on all my systems).
>Since then at least 2 SSH ECOs came out, but obviously didn't solve this
>So, thanks for helping.
>But two questions remain:
>* Will this new fix be a SSH ECO ?
>* What is the reason for the incompatibility ? (What part of KERBEROS is
>used by TCPware and why)

The incompatibility is in the UCX$IPC_SHR module, so at least that will be
part of the ECO.  We're not sure that SSH will need an ECO at this point,
but we're doing further examination to determine that.

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