open SSL and open SSH

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Hi All,

I need some info about open SSL and open SSH on vxworks 6.2 or 5.x. I
searched the group for the same topic, all the postings were too old,
so posting my query again.

Any open source available for SSL and SSH for vxworks 6.2?  If it is
not available, any one is there who has ported and able to show HTTPS
or any apps on SSH?

Highly appreciate your response.


Reply madhu.b77 (25) 6/25/2007 1:47:21 PM

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On 25 Jun, 14:47, MB <> wrote:
> Hi All,
> I need some info about open SSL and open SSH on vxworks 6.2 or 5.x. I
> searched the group for the same topic, all the postings were too old,
> so posting my query again.
> Any open source available for SSL and SSH for vxworks 6.2?  If it is
> not available, any one is there who has ported and able to show HTTPS
> or any apps on SSH?
> Highly appreciate your response.
> --MB


I ported openssl v0.9.8a and openssh v4.2 to VxWorks 5.4 a couple of
years ago. It was basically a 6 week job to get SSH running under
vxWorks. Lots of fun hacking about with god-awful gnu code.

WindRiver also have also aquired the interpeak SSL/SSH solution which
plugs in nicely into VxWorks.



Ed Liversidge
Harmonic Software Systems Ltd

Reply ed4663 (13) 6/26/2007 8:38:00 AM
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