Need Advice: Can't get crashed HD to boot as slave so I can see if any files can be recovered.

80 gig WD HD crashed on E macnine.
Drive had 6 partitions.
Tried recovery software x4 which fully installed
but boot up stops and I always get "disk read error".

Talked with e machine tech in live chat, we retried recovery disks,
chkdsk said there was 1 partition and we both suspect a trashed MBR
which we failed to recover.
I don't want to format the drive because I have many files I want to
recover if possible, the most important are health information files
concerning leukemia. 
Purchased a WD 120 gig HD and installed XP with recovery discs.
Computer is up and running just fine.

When I make the Crashed 80 gig HD a slave to try to see if any files
can be recovered,  the computer just won't boot up.
The xp screen flashes and the monitor goes blank but the hard drive
light is active.  I get freaked and cut the juice.
Tried with both drives jumpered to cable select and then as master
The CMOS recognizes both driver correctly.

It almost seems like the computer sees both drives as bootable
and throws a fit.
Can anyone give me any advice that would let me look at the crashed
disk?  What conditions must exist that would generate "disk read
error" at boot up?
Thanks for any help.
11/27/2004 10:56:02 PM
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