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9/28/2006 5:22:59 PM
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pc.hardware.storage - backup strategy
So here I am: I chose to use 2 hard drives one master & one to be used to store a "backup" of the primary/master/whatever. (don't mention the war! - meant to say RAID) How do I set up xp + whatever application and/or procedure, to create the best/easiest/current capability to restore, after a hardware failure of the master. you may have seen this asked before, by me. sorry should be raid 1 but i may not have a choice, so was looking for second best. any recommendations for another group? DonLogan <navajo@neonfeather.com> wrote: > So here I am...

C128 <-> PC Hardware help needed
I currently own the following commodore HW: C128, VIC-1541, C1541, & C1571. I'm planning, in the near future, if I can find one, to buy a C1581 drive as well. I've been looking at the different ways to connect my PC to the C128 and the different drives. Currently, I have an old PC connected to the VIC-1541 drive with a simple, home made, X1541 cable. What I'm hoping is possible, and need advice on, is to set up a solid serial + parallel connection to all of the drives and the C128. Basically, this would only work if the parallel connection can be daisy chained like the se...

Need help with help need
Friends and wormbots: I am looking for some intrepid souls to try out and comment on a perl script I wrote. (What, perl in SAS-L and it's not David Cassell ?) The script takes the SAS help files apart and does some analysis (orphans, linkrot and duplicates) and inserts back links. What do back links do ? It ensures every page in the help system has a link to every page that links to it. (Actually only the the subset of the help system represented by the modules you choose to play with [there are over 140 help modules]) 1,000 lines of perl that sprouted out of a two line seed (or should...

Need Help: How do you build a piece of hardware and make the computer talk to it?
I am starting on a project where I want to build my own input device but I dont' know where to begin. Perhaps this isn't even really the group to post this in but I can't seem to navigate this layout within google groups to find something better. Anyways I want to build my own device to control some hydraulic machinery but I want a computer layer in between the operator and the machinery, basically to filter the input (safe inputs only) and to return feedback from the machinery to the user on screen or in other forms. So there will have to be some software layer that sits betwee...

!!!Need help! Need FRANKLIN GOTHIC Font Family for the PC!!!
I am facing a deadline and need these fonts badly! Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me out!!! ...

need to compute this problem having problems with how to start this problem help need urgently
Let   U[0; 2theta] be a uniform random variable from the interval [0; 2theta] and let A  Exp(1) be exponentially distributed with mean 1. Assume  and A independent. Compute the mean mX(t) =E[X(t)] and autocorrelation RX(s; t) = E[X(s)X(t)] of the phase-shifted sinusoid.X(t) = A*  cos(t +theta ): State also if X(t) is Wide Sense Stationary (WSS). plot 10 realisations of X(t) plotR(s-t,0)as a function of s-t "pramod kumar" <pramod.kilu@gmail.com> wrote in message <jpapso$44b$1@newscl01ah.mathworks.com>... > Let   U[0; 2theta] be a uniform random variable ...

computer help needed
Still under constructution, and needs people to post please visit www.computerhelp247.net help with everything computer related, video, audio xp, 2000, vista and more, do you know your stuff? moderators needed prove yourself, see if your up to it, help others to fix their computer problems. The new help forum for all, visit www.computerhelp247.net computer help 24/7 wrote: >Still under constructution, .. What, your spell-checker? >..and needs people to post please visit >www.computerspam247.net >help with everything computer related, video, audio xp, 2000, vista and >...

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Computer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"Computer technology" and "Computer system" redirect here. For the company, see Computer Technology Limited . For other uses, see Computer (disambiguation) ...

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