multipart/mixed format messages display as blank in message reader

I've used Pegasus since the very early days, and today I've run into my fir=
st serious hurdle.
My Pegasus, version 4.70en, stopped displaying certain messages which had d=
isplayed correctly up to now.
The message opens but nothing shows in the main message window. Same in the=
 Preview Mode. Switching views with the v key between simple and formatted =
view does not help.
It seems that the messages affected are those with the=20
Content-Type: multipart/mixed
declaration in the header. By contrast,=20
Content-Type: multipart/alternative;
are displaying fine.

I've tried in sequence the following:
- disabling the IE Renderer mode
- upgrading to 4.72
- downgrading to 4.41
- removing temporarily the filetypes.pm file and restarting
Unfortunately, none of this has worked.

The OS is Windows 10.
Recently, I've been playing with system file associations for PDF files, ch=
anging the default application between Acrobat Reader, the native Reader Ap=
p and Sumatra PDF. In the process, I've used the Windows Power Shell to rei=
nstall the Windows Apps, because the Windows Reader stopped being recognize=
d. Don't know if this has anything to do with the problem at hand, but this=
 is all I can think of that's happened in the past week.

In the messages displayed as blank I can switch into the Raw view and Attac=
hments view. In the Attachments view I'm seeing something like this:

Multipart section
 | Plain text       -
  E-mail message    message    Original message   4.4k
   \ Plain text     -                             1.5k

I can "preview" each of these sections in the Attachments view.=20
The "E-mail message" section displays the four basic headers.
The bottom "Plain text" section displays the text of the message in plain t=
I'm reporting this because one suspicion that I hold is that Pmail somehow =
started interpreting these messages as empty messages with everything as at=

I don't want to part with Pegasus, it has served me so well for decades.

Can anyone please offer any insights, suggestions on what to try next?

8/11/2016 11:52:08 AM
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Upon closer inspection it appears that the source of the problem was a misc=
onfiguration of the SMTP server, which, following an upgrade, occasionally =
included an empty MIME section for certain types of incoming messages. My t=
hanks to the mail administrators of amu.edu.pl for quickly looking into the=
 issue. The problem, then is issentially solved, and it was NOT primarily t=
he fault of Pegasus.
Nevertheless, I note in the passing that other email clients I use displaye=
d the messages "correctly", i.e. the contained message rather than the empt=
y section by default. So, perhaps David Harris will consider including a ch=
eck for an empty section in Multipart/Mixed to deal with this kind of messa=
ge in a more user-friendly fashion.
8/13/2016 12:32:46 PM