New mail doesn't appear in new mail folder in grouped view

I just upgraded from 4.12 to 4.21c.  Overall, I'm impressed with some of 
the new features.  However, while setting up the settings, I somehow got 
the thing into state where when you download mail from the ISP, the new 
messages come in, and I can see the new .cnm files in the mail 
directory, however they don't show up in the new mail folder.  This used 
to happen to me occasionally with the old version of Pegasus, however I 
could hit the File/Read New Mail menu option, and the new messages would 
pop in.  This doesn't work for me with 4.21c.
    The strange thing is that if I un-select the Folder/Apply Time Zone 
Correction  option, then select it again, then the new message instantly 
    This all started happening approximately when I started using the 
"Grouped View" option, so I went back to normal view, read some new 
mail, and sure enough, new messages pop right into the new mail folder 
when in normal view, but not when I am in grouped view.
    Is this the intended behavior? Ie is grouped view only supposed to 
be something you go into temporarily to search for old mail or 
something, and is not intended to be left in that mode?   Or is there 
some setting that will enable new messages to pop into the new mail 
folder while in Grouped View?


5/3/2005 2:02:07 PM
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